[APPROVED] Easy DAO - Creating dApplications that connect Users and Facilitate its transition to Web 3.0 environments

Hi Community!

Myself as a Community Member and Blockchain enthusiastic since 2013 (not has an hardcore investor for my displeasure), but has an enthusiastic on this technology has a mean for decentralization and circular economics.

While advocating this technology, I have been working with a few projects trying to introduce to it, more specifically to NEAR Protocol, in terms of development and possibilities. These projects mainly revolve around creative, culture and social ideas with the possibility to create disruptive innovations.

As a user I feel there’s a gap in unlocking the true potential of crypto related assets and its technologies. Until now, dApplications have a lot of technical jargon and usually resume themselves to deFi, decentralized governance and digital assets being sold and bought.
While this is already very good for discovering new methods of work has community projects.
I have found that they usually only have price discovery and asset gains attached to it, without understanding or participating fully in the chances this technology gives. Prohibiting more community growing, decentralization and general adoptance.

In the last weeks I have decided to start the road of an entrepreneur and create a DAO specifically for the development of dApps that will work in real use cases as its main focus of development.

– Vision / Mission –

  • Create a DAO and work as a Team to develop creative, attractive, accessible and secure dApps. They will focus mainly in using digital assets in common practices, potentiating the mass adoption of this innovative and disruptive technology, while connecting users to Web 3.0 environments more easily.

– Use Cases –

  • Identity verification
  • Services/Commerce Applications
  • Ownership verification
  • Membership verification
  • Gamification
  • Community governance
  • Automated Reward Systems
  • Digital Assets Management
  • Circular Economics

– Team –

The Team that I’m envisioning and currently structuring for this DAO centers on 5 people based in Portugal, living in the Lisbon metropolitan area, on the southside of the river Tagus, more specifically Almada and Seixal.

The team members are:

  • Tiago (@TRosario) with a Computers and Programming Background from school, worked in Telecommunications Industry for NOKIA for 5 Years and currently manages a few projects in the Creative Industries, including a Venue, Label and Production Company.

    • Will be enrolling in the Entrepreneur in Residence Fellowship Program from NEAR University.
    • Near Wallet: rosario.near
  • Paris (@parisinocencio) , has a Degree in Information Management, experience in Budgeting/Funding and a fair amount of knowledge about the Social Sector landscape, be it local, national and international level. Also he’s the founder of a young initiative, HOC, that explores technological innovation with social organizations, informal collectives and the communities around them.

    • Wants to enroll the Entrepreneur in Residence Fellowship Program
    • Near Wallet: parisinocencio.near
  • Diogo (@dchotas) , is a Developer and Developer Team manager with more than 8 years of experience in the field and currently works for a Bank institute as one of their Devs, but is strongly wanting to shift his career to his own project.

    • Wants to enroll the Developer in Residence Fellowship Program
    • Near Wallet: chotas.near
  • Nelson (@zod1ak), a Developer with background Server and software maintenance that works for a big Telecommunications company currently, also a competitive gamer since a very young age.

    • Wants to enroll the Developer in Residence Fellowship Program
    • Near Wallet: zod1ak.near
  • Fernando (@F.guerreiro) , a Designer and Illustrator, has studied Fine Arts, while also having a Tattooing background. Has worked for a few technological and news companies, currently is deeply interested in NFT’s technologies.

    • Wants to enroll the Designer in Residence Fellowship Program
    • Near Wallet: lvcifer.near

– Council –

All the initial team members will be part of the council.

– Roadmap –

This roadmap will be for the already ongoing phase 0 and the next month and half for the next three phases. From 1st of January to 15 of February.
As a means to start this DAO and Projects with decentralization in mind from the start, every decision of our DAO in the construction of the structure will be done On-chain.

  • Phase 0 (Ongoing)

    1. Ideation starts
    2. Introduction on Gov Forum/Proposal
    3. Assemble team
    4. Presenting the DAO members
  • 1st Phase | Week 1-2 | 10 Jan - 24 Jan

    • DAO Name - Easy DAO
    • DAO and Team design - Ongoing
    • Logo & Design of the DAO - Ongoing
    • AstroDAO & Council Established - Easy DAO
    • Setup Product and Project Managment tooling - Ongoing
    • Reach Out & Contacts established - Ongoing
    • Exploration and Capacitation - Ongoing
    • Reporting - Ongoing
  • 2nd Phase | Week 3-4 | 24 Jan - 7 Fev

    • Finishing Ideation
    • Annual Budget
    • Initial Yearly plan of Activities
    • Reach Out & Contacts established
    • Exploration and Capacitation
    • Reporting
  • 3rd Phase | Week 5-6 | 7 Fev - 21 Fev

    • Ideation of the Frameworks to Deploy Projects
    • Choose our 1st use case Project
    • Ideation of the 1st dApp
    • Finish the Ideation of the Frameworks to Deploy Projects
    • Exploration and Capacitation
    • Reach Out & Contacts established
    • Reporting

– Budget & Funding Request –

This is the budget and funding requested so we can start to deploy this project.

Tasks Phase Dollars NEAR Team Member
DAO Name, Concept and Structure for Manual and Documentation Creation 1 $350,00 25.44 Full Team
Logo, Branding and Communication Designs 1 and 2 $210,00 15.26 Tiago, Fernando
Subscription Product and Project Managment tooling 1 $100,00 7.27 Diogo
Open AstroDAO 2 $68,80 5 N/A
Search and prepare proposals for funding of the DAO and Projects 1, 2 and 3 $210,00 15.26 Tiago, Paris
Reporting for all the 3 phases 1, 2 and 3 $210,00 15.26 Tiago, Paris
Explore Legal Status for the DAO 1, 2 and 3 $105,00 7.63 Paris
Create the Frameworks of Development to Deploy Projects 2 and 3 $630,00 45.78 Diogo, Nelson
Ideation for first Project and Concept Presentation 3 $350,00 25.44 Full Team
Ideation for Project and Design for the Presentation 3 $210,00 15.26 Fernando
TOTAL $2 443,80 177.60
NEAR Price $13,76 1

– Payout Roll –

The payout will be managed and deployed in AstroDAO between our members to be full onchain.

Total Budget Requested = $2443,80 = 177.60 N (1 NEAR = 13.76 $ Coingecko 28/12/2021 16:10H GMT)

Payout Wallet: lvcifer.near (@F.guerreiro will be in charge of creating the DAO)

Any details feel free to ask and we will be updating this thread with ongoing details.
Reporting after each phase will be done in this Gov Forum like described in the Roadmap.


08/01/2022 - Dates Updated on the roadmap to when funding was approved and recieved
10/01/2022 - Title Updated to include DAO name (Easy) and Link to AstroDAO


We outchea!! Let’s build some kickass dApps :mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm:


Lets gooooo :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader:


this is exciting :raising_hand_man::ok_hand:


Thank you for this proposal, this is looking great!

You’ve onboarded already plenty of physical communities into the ecosystem and this DAO sounds very promising, especially as it is also adding a technical component.

Do you already have some specific ideas in mind?

As for this:

I would suggest, if/once approved, to use this wallet only for the funds of the DAO creation and when the DAO is set up to request the remaining funds to there, to keep it decentralised.


Thanks for reviewing this proposal!

We have few written ideas, that have been developed also in the last Hackathon by me and a few friends. They also were presented in previous threads from reports of it.

You can find more information in this file.

Ok cool! That makes a lot of sense, then the payout requested would be 5N to begin with ?


Also in perspective of keeping transparency and since I am also a member of the Council.

@grace Could you please review this? Don’t want to push the proposal, without consensus from more Council members. Since now only me and @tabear are in it also.


Can’t wait to start deploying some dapps to help bridge everyday usecases into the blockchain, let’s go guys! :muscle::rocket:

Let’s make 2022 the year everyone gets a little bit of blockchain in their lives :nerd_face:


Sorry! Doesn’t he participate in the other Dao? Why is your new Tao and a new guild part of people participating already in other Dao? Is there no people with the same knowledge in the community?
Sincerely, Igor
Happy New Year :v: :partying_face:

After speaking to @grace I’m happy to approve this proposal. Please send a payout request to the Astro DAO of 5N for lvcifer.near to open the DAO.

Once the DAO is open, please request the remaining 172.6N to the new DAO.

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There’s a talent drought in the Web3 industry (check any jobs board), so don’t be too surprised to see the same individuals wearing multiple hats throughout the NEAR Ecosystem and, indeed, throughout the entire Web3 space! :tada:

The proposal seems awesome, good luck!


Hi @TRosario thanks for a great start of the year!
Looking forward to learning more about what the team accomplishes.


It seems to me that this is not the case, but the lack of publicity and involvement of enthusiasts in the ecosystem as a whole! I propose to discuss this moment more openly, to hold an AMA session with the involvement of the maximum number of ecosystem participants and listen to all opinions!
thank you David for your answer!
Sincerely, Igor

Feel free to create another thread on the forum and we can all happily discuss this :ballot_box_with_check:


Thanks for accepting the proposal! :smiley:

I created the payout proposal on Astro


Following the above proposal’s approval, Easy DAO is now live on AstroDAO in the following link:


dApplications that connect Users and Facilitate its transition to Web 3.0 environments.


Yey! Let’s go, first report is scheduled without delay’s. I will be updating the Initial proposal with the new info. Also adding the changes bellow with a Change Log for easier read.

Happy Anniversary GIF by Sesame Street


Awesome! Please request the remaining payout from the City Node DAO then, with your DAO address as the target :rocket:


Payout request submitted :rocket: