[Approved] Aug/Sept | Nomade Label | Research the concept of decentralization on the web3 and writing an article


Hello Creatives,

It is with great pleasure that I have been participating in the DAO Nomade Label as a member and contributing to the building of a collectivity in the Near ecosystem.
The last partnership between Nomade and my education project Talk Away was very interesting and right now we are finalizing the reports:


On September 1-4 the Blockchain Rio event will take place, an important Latin American blockchain event and will take place in the city of Rio de Janeiro where I live.

About the event:

Our proposal is to go to this event to get an in-depth look at the current issues that are being discussed in relation to web3 and write an article about decentralized education. In this article, we will talk about the educational approach of the Talk Away platform that is embedded in the Near ecosystem and the Nomade Label’s Antimethodology Project that has been deconstructing the centralized idea of method.

The theme of decentralization in education is already much discussed and for this reason the interlocution with web technology3 will be very fruitful.

How can the concept of technological decentralization contribute to education? This question will be the basis for our writing.

We consider that this event has a high value and that it limits the access of many people, the support of Creatives for Nomade Fernanda Paixão to access the event will be of great contribution. The content to be generated after this immersion will contribute to the propagation of knowledge within the Near ecosystem and beyond.

Fernanda Paixão is an art educator, founder of the startup Talk Away, master in performance studies from Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro - UNIRIO, has written articles in the following Brazilian journals: Revista Nupeart (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina), Revista Interinstitucional Artes de Educar - RIAE and on the Pluriverso platform.

The article to be written will be in English and Portuguese, published on the Médium page of the Nomade Label.

Funding scheme: Monthly

Metrics for measuring success: go to the 4 days of the event, write 1 article in English, publish in at least 5 ecosystem groups, have a social media reach of at least 70 people.
Estimated timeline and achievement milestones:

August - buy the ticket and start the research related to decentralized education.

September -

1-4/09 go to the event, post during the days of the event on Nomade and Talk Away’s Instagram 4 stories, 1 live stream and 1 event summary post.

8-18/09 - write the article and interview council @ritamaria about anti-method and other councils that are available.

9/18-28/09 proofread the English (@gabrielfelipejacomel)

29/09 - Publish the article.

01/10 - Deliver report

Funding Details –

Ingresso evento: US$ 135,00

Revisão inglês: US$ 90,00

Total: US$ 225,00 a serem pagos em DAI.

Near wallet ID: fernandapaixao.near

Wallet owner’s name: Fernanda Paixão Moreira

Best regards!


A great opportunity to show that both Talk Away and Nomade Label (and of course the NEAR ecosystem) are unique approaches to blockchain! o/


Thank you so much Gabriel!! It will be a big challenge and responsability!!


great proposal, to bring to the ecosystem new contents. Looking forward to see this happening.
thanks Fernanda, and Talk Away, for being part of this collective construction


It’s a honour this big reflection about the ecosystem with you all! Thanks for trust!!


For sure it’s a great opportunity to present Talk Away and Nomade Label together in this construction! It’s great to see you here @fernandapaixao <3


Thank you so much for stay together!! Nômade Dão is teaching so much about descentralization, with true practices in your so collective DAO!


Ongoing Processing

I’m so happy because I already bought the ticket for the event

We already scheduled a meeting for September, 5 with Rita Maria about the Anti method and why the decentralization concept feed the Nomade Label and Talk Away’s works.

What is decentralization inside and outside crypto ecosystem?

The listening can be a decentralization action possibility?

in September we will create a articule in Portuguese and English.