[Report] Pulpo Cast - status: ongoing

Proponent: @vitoriacristina

This report refers to: [Proposal] Pulpo Podcast - Pilote Episode

Status: ongoing

Production phase: Pre-production


To produce the pilot episode of Pulpo Podcast

Themes: Pop culture, art and independent production

Ref: Arte Expressão - Piloto

[Updated]Road Map

Aug, 10 - Sep, 05 - status: concluded

  • Theoretical/visual immersion in blockchain tools - ok
  • Confirm rental - ok
  • Do equipment checklist - ok

Sep, 06 - 20 - status: ongoing

  • Contact guests
  • Recording Scheduling
  • Production meeting
  • Recording the podcast

Sep, 21 - 30

  • Start of post-production of the material
  • Production of publicity material
  • NFTS production planning about the work

Technical sheet

  • Presentation: Tay e V
  • Prod. Director.: Nayzera
  • Audiovisual: noAstral (coletivo audiovisual)
  • Location: Afro2

About Visual Composition (Cenography Material: 30 DAI)

Color Palette


For background:

  • Fabric (in meters)
  • EVA (in sheet)
  • Circular logo print
  • Pulpo 3d on the table - Order with Renan
  • Pulpo mug (treat for guests) - Order with Renan

For technical visit

  • Measuring tape - measuring walls to quantify scenographic material
  • Measure circular logo

About execution

The team has taken lessons about Near ecosystem and platforms and has been preparing an independent space that will physically host the podcast.

We’ve organized the team to operate and gathered some refs.


  • Experiencing the forum and other tools around the Near ecosystem, the team felt more need of talking about crypto in the podcast, specially talking about the cultural production market.
  • The Daos are being references to our auto governance conception.
  • We’ve been learning possibilities around crypto and seeing it in practice to actually make it feel real.

Next Steps:

  • Pilot roadmap final edition
  • Technical visit
  • Purchase of scenography material
  • Assembling
  • Recording

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