[Report] Procd Dao Funding for August 2022

August Procd Dao Report

Council Members


Proposal approved: [APPROVED] - procd dao financing for august 2022

Astro Dao: procd.sputnik-dao.near

Status: Ongoing process

Total Funding Amount: 2,150 Usd in DAI

Below our August reports

[REPORT] - Photo Lambe Lambe Project
[REPORT] - Caminhos Abertos - Lado Bk77 - Musical Production
[REPORT] - Pulpo Cast
Bounty Logo Procd Dao - Bounty has been extended the completion date due to us not identifying ourselves with the logos submitted in the bounty. You can confirm our feedback by clicking here
Council Work - Each Council received the value of 200 Dai

Our Astro
Balance: 597.6 DAI
Distributed funds:
Council work: 600 DAI
Pulpo Podcast: 700 DAI
The Lambe Lambe Project: 252 DAI (Partial)
To distribute:
Open Paths - Side B 2k77 Musical Production: 500 DAI
Bounty Procd Logo: 75 DAI
The Lambe Lambe Project: 22.6 DAI

Marketing Work
Our Dao did not have an excellent marketing work due to the fact that we still don’t have funding for this area. The work on the social networks was done by council Dazo where he managed to do a movement with low frequency of posts. Even so we can notice that there was a slight engagement on twitter and also on Instagram.

Opening of Take95 Store at Mintbase, new onboarding of photographers to Procd’s store and new onboarding by Pulpo Cast team.

In July our store had a total minted of 612 and 90 owners

In August our store had a minted total of 640 and 93 owners

The Lambe Lambe Project: 30 replies| 269 views | 16 users | 93 likes | 1 link | 10 final participants

Bounty New Logo: 20 replies | 367 views | 14 users | 89 likes | 8 links



Council Work
In August, the council worked on some research around tools, the educational immersion process of its proponents and the structuring of its team, as well as publishing its first content fostered by Near and producing even more theoretical material to foster the onboarding of partner artists and their audiences.

We helped all direct participants of proposals to better understand our ecosystem. We held meetings for various approaches through meet, as well as creating CFCs, Polls and payment transfers in our Astro. We follow Creatives meetings on Mondays to keep up to date.

August was a month of a lot of research and tutorials around the tools in the ecosystem and possibilities for using and distributing NFTs to the artists that Dao is embarking on, and in the process of teaching, we are also refining what we know.

We are learning how to organize Dao tasks through documents, spreadsheets, and onboarding materials.

We learned that it is possible to create a customizable link to facilitate portfolio creation through app.neardrop.io

We noticed that it is necessary to have a team focused on marketing because council work is totally different from marketing work and it is not possible to reconcile the two, thus reflecting in low flow of our Dao’s dissemination on Twitter and Instagram.

Next Steps
Work on the Dao’s image in social networks and within the community itself. Create partnerships with other Daos, visit cultural points in São Paulo to present our work and bring new onboarding.

Councils Procd Dao