[Proposal] Pulpo Podcast - Pilot Episode

Tags: #Creatives-dao #proposal #procd-dao

Proponent: @vitoriacristina

Target Wallet: vitoriacristina.near

Timeline: Aug, 10 - Sep, 15

Temas: Pop culture, art and independent production

Length: 1 hour

Hello, Near community! I’m Vitoria, representing Pulpo Produtora. We were invited to bring some creative project here on Near Forum and we brought our most recent project, a dialogue space we’ve been talking about for a long time and now we’re ready to make it real!

About Pulpo
Pulpo is a production company founded by Vitória Cristina from São Paulo in 2019 that provides various technical support for different artists. The production company makes it possible to hire artists of the most varied cultural expressions in the independent market and in public culture spaces. Formed and supported by creative professionals in the cultural field, Pulpo performs services of executive production, graphic production, technical production, legal representation, booking and career management.
Among artists supported by Pulpo are:

The production company has, as its mission, the employability in the cultural and creative market, thinking about reparative actions and representation, seeking to bring female technical teams, for example, and getting ready to train and insert new people in the market through this reparative perspective.

Pulpo Podcast - Pilot EP

Table of Contents

  • Pulpo Introduction
  • Introduction of the proposal
  • Justification of the proposal
  • Introduction of the presenters
  • Independent Scene
  • Disclosure of underground work
  • Introductory pill on blockchain platforms [*]
  • Preview of the next episode


Kiko e Samuel - Pela Arte a Zuera - Produção e Gestão de Carreira

[*] Pulpo Produtora has a strong performance in face-to-face events and even in lives on Web2 platforms and social networks, and has a recent contact with some of the Web3 platforms. We understand that content needs to be introduced in the topics of the production company as this contact is consolidated and we build more ownership to share information responsibly.

As familiar as the podcast format may be today, the aim of Pulpo Podcast is to instigate conversations about novelties too, about the unfamiliar that can become known, understanding the autonomous sharing of knowledge and experiences as one of the fundamental tools for the formation of producers of peripheral culture in Brazil and the silencing as one of the main tools for the pruning of their self-esteem. This is why this is a podcast, and also why it is about keeping ourselves in focus.

Refs: Arte Expressão - Episódio de apresentação #00

Ficha Técnica

Presentation: Tay e V
Prod. Director.: Nayzera
Audiovisual: noAstral (coletivo audiovisual)
Location: Afro2

Total Budget: 700 DAI

Prod. Director: 80

  • Nayzera 80

Presenters: 120

  • Tay Oluá 60
  • Vitória Cristina 60

Audiovisual: 280

  • Paola 120
  • Isa 50
  • Hugo Samuel 80
  • Cenographic Material: 30

Guests: 120

  • Kiko 60
  • Samuel 60

Reservations: 80

  • Transport 40
  • Food 40
  • Location 20

Road Map

Aug, 10 - Sep, 25

  • Theoretical/visual immersion in blockchain tools - ongoing
  • Confirm rental - ok
  • Do equipment checklist - ok
  • Contact guests - on stanbdy

Aug, 25 - Sep, 05

  • Recording Scheduling
  • Production meeting
  • Recording the podcast

Aug, 06 - Sep, 15

  • Start of post-production of the material
  • Production of publicity material
  • NFTS production planning about the work

Calling for @TayOlua and @Dazo for any feedback. Thanks!


Queremos muito acolher o projeto na #procd-dao ! Espero que role da melhor forma!

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Estamos ansiosas e engajadas para esse projeto!

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Depois precisamos editar o endereço da carteira e colocar a sua na proposal

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Muito importante esse projeto para nossa comunidade, pois essa troca através de conversas dentro do podcast só tem a agregar a todos.


É esse o intuito Dazo. Conseguirmos usar a comunicação em formato podcast como forma de agregar os diálogo a nossa vivencia!


Muito incrível Pulpo, boto fé!!