[REPORT] Project Manager | DAOrecords | May-22

DAO Name: DAOrecords
Position: Project Manager
Report for the month and year: May 2022
Proposed objectives: [PROPOSAL] Project Manager | DAOrecords | May 2022

Accomplished objectives:

  • Created a DAOrecords marketing calendar for SoundSplash for the month of May (find details below),
  • Funding proposal to Marketing DAO - [Approved] DAOrecords Marketing Campaign | May-22,
  • Bounty coordination for stickers to Discord and Telegram with @Sleezy_Moss and @_Tech1,
  • Marketing plan coordination with NEAR Daily,
  • Marketing plan coordination with NEAR Insider,
  • Partnership coordination (NxM, C1, Roketo, Tamago),
  • Discord Management with @Sleezy_Moss,
  • Participation in a few FonoRoot tests + feedback from a user perspective,
  • NEAR HUB Comics giveaway coordination with @_Tech1 and @Sleezy_Moss,
  • Active participation in meetings, AMA, DAOrecords operating chats, etc.
  • Trello coordination,
  • Telegram Management in terms of major DAOrecords announcements with @vandal @_Tech1 and @Sleezy_Moss

May was an amazing month for DAOrecords as we have completed 1/3 of the planned events.
The team is constantly working hard on the project’s success, and thanks to that we can see increased engagement in the DAOrecords community! Moreover, thanks to our community partnerships, we’ve managed to make a beneficial cross-community promo in order to raise awareness of ongoing events, projects, tools under construction, and music on NEAR Protocol overall.
Looking forward to doing more!

NEAR wallet name: crans.near
Hours contributed: 60
Total requested funds: $1500