[PROPOSAL] Project Manager | DAOrecords | June 2022

DAO Name: DAOrecords

Position: Project Manager

Previous report: [REPORT] Project Manager | DAOrecords | May-22

Proposal for the month and year: June / 2022


  • Telegram and Discord management with @Sleezy_Moss and @_Tech1,
  • Staying in touch with community partners, and finalizing details with them (NEARNauts, BeatDAO, Endlesss, Metapool),
  • Funding proposal submission to Marketing DAO for June 2022,
  • Funding proposal submission to Creatives DAO for June 2022,
  • Trello coordination,
  • Active participation in meetings, AMA, DAOrecords operating chats, etc.

In June we’re going to have 4 amazing Music NFTs drop, the lineup will be shared accordingly. I and the team will keep up the work, around marketing, partnership, and more things, which are going to be presented in the monthly report, at the end of June.

Expected hours to contribute: 60

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