[REPORT] Project Manager | DAOrecords | April-22

DAO Name: DAOrecords
Position: Project Manager
Report for the month and year: April 2022
Proposed objectives: [PROPOSAL] Project Manager | DAOrecords | April 2022

Accomplished objectives:

  • Created marketing calendar for SoundSplash

  • 18 copies of NFTs from NEAR Mixtape were sent to the winners of the daily quiz, which is being coordinated by @Sleezy_Moss on DAOrecords Discord server

  • Locked dates for the AMA and ongoing chat with community partners like Tamago, NxM, C1, NEARNauts, Roke.to, Endlesss FM, NEAR HUB, BBulls

  • Coordination of the upcoming delivery of the minting details with DAOrecords AR regarding SoundSplash artists

  • Coordination with @Sleezy_Moss and @_Tech1 for an upcoming giveaway at the end of May with NEAR HUB Comics

  • Active participation in the meetings, chats, and AMA

The month of April was busy because of the preparation for the first SoundSplash drop, coming up on the 4th of May. The social media team is working hard in order to promote DAOrecords alpha across various platforms.

I’ve reached out to Peter from NEARWEEK in order to set SoundSplash info in their newsletter, as Peter is busy, he replies slowly, but we’re trying to finalize details.
I was also considering xclaim.club and even submitted there one flyer for 1N, it was available for 24h, however at the moment I don’t find it a good way of promoting, as it’s only last for 24h (if no one will create a new bid), requires special poster in 600x600x, also others can outbid your poster before it’ll go live, so at the end, it may cost more than 1N and it could be not necessarily beneficial as I thought.

I’m taking part also in tests regarding the FonoRoot on near test nest, which is quite exciting to see what’s being built, still lots to do!

Looking forward to May, as April was a warm-up!

NEAR wallet name: crans.near
Hours contributed: 60
Total requested funds: $1500