[Report] Community Management, Council Work & Onboarding

Project member : @squattingPigeon
Target : tolga.near
Total hours spent : 80h +
Requested : 1300$ for 70h

Dear community members,

The month of January has seen the city of Lisbon come out of a short period of lockdown so we were able to follow up with substantial efforts on a number of ongoing projects. This includes Arroz Videos for which we have recruited help from an additional member of the community @roadworks. We’ve had a number of meetings to push this project to completion. Meetings and discussions were held to recruit a new council member too. We’re hoping to have someone join our council within this week. Our in house residency for low income artists has seen its own grant approved form the foundation and its first 2 residents for this year start their residency - one of them being Sessa from hip hop collective 2gto_2825 mentioned in my previous report. We are currently developing a workshop program for this project and the wider community. We we able to reactivate crypto meetups last week and planning to collab with Mintbase DAO - @marianeu to develop workshops to complement these meetups. We’re considering approaching the Onboarding DAO to collab for these events of they become too hefty to manage financially and logistically.
Furthermore a Fundraising initiative partly funded here for a short while has seen a substantial grant application approved from the Portuguese Arts Council so we would like to find a way to continue this fundraising effort and find a funding source to sustain it. January has also seen deep changes in governance and funding processes with KYC and custom function call implementations for DAO to DAO votes.

  • weekly syncs with Creatives DAO and bi weekly with NxM
  • TG catch up and engagement
  • Meetings for new council
  • Meetings to follow up ongoing projects
  • Treasury & Council management
  • Time spent promoting work done with the ecosystem and studios to new artists
  • Support with governance forum and Astro
  • Cohosting of meetup with @vandal
  • research into protocol tech and educations programs

Much love to all !