[report] planet lukukul so far

hiiii near community​:vulcan_salute:t5:

i want to start by saying thank you to everyone for the resilience you have shown. i’ve found strength in the creatives dao’s unity and in the ecosystem’s hunger to learn and i wish us all the very best.
this isn’t about me though, it’s about planet lukukul.

we have had so much fun in the last few months, hosting public community calls, giving out poaps that indicate you’re a part of the first 100 people to land on the planet, reviewing our website , adding memes to our content channel, keeping our social media active(with a reach of over 1k in 30 days on instagram) , putting out our first story, syncing endlessly with the founding team on our roadmap, the list goes on and has been beautiful!

it would be nice to have you at the next community call : here

we are still growing, so you are still early! you should join us.

cc: @Nativemind :purple_heart: