[report] planet lukukul is evolving


following our most recent community call, a few updates have been made to planet lukukul.

planet lukukul now operates as a project and a dao. as separate entities that work together.

because of this development we have new roles being filled in the planet lukukul dao.

advisor: @NFTempo-Niall

council : @reespect , @lolaa , @Nativemind

moderator: @Oblakofficialss

social media handler: @FUNMI

space host/researcher : @Radarx

shill space host: @kodandi

project marketer: @Blessedchidi

dao’s developer: @JamesF

planet lukukul is in the process of onboarding the afrikaana cinematic universe,
a growing project and community intended to host other african worlds, archives and stories. to do this, we are starting with a partnership on space hosting. they will host a space every week for the nearest future to discuss near as an ecosystem, navigating the web3 space, creativity, music, art, other projects and african culture.

we also held our first irl gathering, that gave a glimpse into what will come with the project’s launch :rocket:

the gathering was curated by planet lukukul and dedeukwushryne. with over 30 members present based on invitation only.
the gathering was celebrate the release of jungle by reespect a song off her coming ep that’s also set to launch.
the excitement in house is palpable.

watch this reel to have a feel of what you missed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::point_down:t5:


56 likes, 5 comments - itsreespect on August 31, 2023: "the jungle house party was a shut down!!! i had such a good time, a very very good time. the best..."

through the event we onboarded the following people to the astro dao on near






another awesome update!!

the secret writer’s association has kickstarted work on telling the foundational plot and backstories.
the “to planet lukukul” story is taking shape.

follow us on near social and use the #planetlukukul to increase our bos footprint


remember, you can join the cool kids at anytime on our planet. it’s for you.

stay cool. stay kind. :purple_heart:


Great job. Planet lukukul is a safe space for great minds. Hop in :fire::ringer_planet::ringer_planet: