[ongoing report] planet lukukul’s beginning

hiii community!:vulcan_salute:t5:
we on planet lukukul are so thrilled with our start and grateful for the love so far.
here’s a general update on what we’ve been up to:

the artists have come through!! the basic character design has been completed with roll out gifs.
i have added a private link so we can track who gets access to it.
thank you for understanding.

the 2d video for the planet lukukul abstract; great silence is also ready! i have also shared a private link but i will share stills to feed your curiosity.

the first two drafts of the logo has been shared by the creator but, it’s not quite there yet. they will be sending in another option in a few days.

we have our logo right now, i’ve added the svg version to this report​:dancer:t4:
the website designer has shared her first draft of design for the website, she needs the final logo to give a very proper web design.
we also had a call with both the designer and the developer to get them in sync.

we have settled on purchasing the domain address: www.planetlukukul.io during the development so the subscription doesn’t start counting earlier than use.

some members of the community have stepped up to fill roles

moderators: @Sameyebee & @3rty

social media handlers: @lolaa & @Nativemind

we have had two community calls so far on discord and will be putting more weight into that in the next month.

what is next for planet lukukul?
following a conversation with equoria legal firm we will start on registering and trademarking the organization.

we have a few collaborations lined up, the creation of the “to planet lukukul” playlist and the creation of the “to planet lukukul” story abstract.

we are always open to new members​:purple_heart: