[Closed] planet lukukul: “to planet lukukul” funding request for july/august

summary of the to planet lukukul story:

following the creation of the first story “great silence” (chapter1) which led us to introduce characters, backstory, our social media, onboard artists and figure out our roadmap, we are working on the second story.

the second story being the preface of the adventure called to planet lukukul, a story about how and why we left earth to this new planet.

bear in mind that planet lukukul is as real as it is fictional…all the characters mean something to the community, all the stories too and every milestone/story (as we call them for now) is hit with the collaboration of the community.

i have attached a link to the “how” part of the to planet lukukul story that was recently exhibited at the nftytribe expo.
the music is contributed by 5 gifted musicians, 3 talented producers and the visuals by 2 incredible artists.




link to exhibition on the how:

by the time the story is ready to replace the current story on the website (www.planetlukukul.io) we would have had nothing less than 40 creators work on it.
from the scriptwriters, to visual interpreters, sound designers, and even testers.

do not hesitate to reach out to me on twitter (@metareespect)

planet lukukul is an experience world and we will continue to create experience capsules.

dao name: planet lukukul

dao introduction:
read our introduction here

Why team is best for the funds

@reespect : music artist, grew from community member to moderator to council of c1foundation, one of the daos on near that cannot be ignored because of her consistency. been an active member since very early 2022, won bounties on nxm and beatdao, participated actively in other daos on near.

@Nativemind - an actor and screenwriter with experience in building communities. using planet lukukul as a way to navigate the blockchain space and near ecosystem.

cynthia ugwudike - an experience designer, with skills in everything from ui/ux to 3d modeling. popular on behance for her intriguing case studies. known for her unwavering integrity as she only works on projects that move her and mean something.

as you can tell, we are building collaborative efforts and allowing creators to live in an almost lucid state, they are turning their realities into fairytales and applying themselves in a “non-selfish” way. also, as you can tell from our projects so far, we make sure we hold space for female creators.
our goal is to let everyone know they can be creators as long as they tap into the collective consciousness.

dao report: read reports here

discord (116),

instagram (130),

twitter (109).

category: storytelling, community and social innovation.


link to more insight into roadmap

council members: @Nativemind @reespect

note that: planet lukukul has never had just one council member taking decisions, @Xahra22 was an acting council member until she stepped down to focus on her schooling.


funding request:

to planet lukukul x secret writers association ($500 for 5 writers)

to planet lukukul x visual interpretation ($750 for 5 visual creators)

to planet lukukul x musicians ($1000 for 5 music artists and 5 sound designers/engineers)

mint the to planet lukukul elements to the store on mintbase ($150)

council: $600 for the 2 council members

total: $3000

target wallet in dai: planet-lukukul.sputnik-dao.near

project 1:

”to planet lukukul” with secret writers association & visual interpreters.

  • form a gang of 5 gifted creative writers who come up with different possibilities to the to planet lukukul story.

  • the writers are from the community but their identities are unknown.

  • the community and everyone interested vote on the story that would be chosen. onchain.

5 writers are properly onboarded onchain, the community members at large are engaged. visibility and curiosity is increased.

roadmap & timelines:

  • call for writers in june.

  • create alternate stories by late july

  • have visual artists represent them by august

  • have interested humans stake on their preferred stories

  • build the experiment by the end of july.


$100 for each writer, $150 for each visual artist representing each story.

-$1250 in total

sent to planet-lukukul.sputnik-dao.near

project 2:

to planet lukukul with musicians, producers and sound engineers.


musicians and other creators will be rewarded for their contributions, the visuals from the storytellers would be followed with music, a key part to bringing experiences to life.

roadmap & timelines:

  • share the stories with the musicians, songwriters, sound engineers and producers before sharing with the larger community, end of june.

  • bounty for musicians, songwriters, sound engineers and producers who contribute. will be don’t throughout july.

  • create individual artworks for each song to be promoted separate from the “to planet lukukul” project. as musicians individual works.

$100 for each of the music artists,
$100 for each of the sound engineers,
$150 to mint all elements of the story on our mintbase store.

-$1150 in total



  • collaboration amongst creators.

  • establish the possibility of a fun project that solves real life problems.

  • cross-chain visibility to near and the project through collaborations.

  • support creators.

  • support more women.

success: of this looks like cross-chain interaction and growth of the community from the current 116 members on discord, 109 followers on twitter and 130 followers on instagram by at least 30%

cc: @Cryptonaut @williamx @kc_sollano for visibility.


Hey @reespect could you please provide the total requested amount? Thank you in advance.

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@Paul i probably should have also put this at the end, but the total request is $3000

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Hi @reespect
The proposal submitted to the funding vertical of CreativesDAO was reviewed and unfortunately rejected on July 21st.
Please check the feedback on your project and the proposal in the following link: Google Sheets Link.