[proposal] planet lukukul: to planet lukukul funding request for march 2023

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dao name: planet lukukul

dao introduction.

dao report [1] [2].

community: discord, instagram, twitter.

category: storytelling, community and social innovation.


council members: @Nativemind @reespect

funding request
to planet lukukul x prismworld
to planet lukukul x gx universe
council: $500

total: $3000

target wallet in dai: planet-lukukul.sputnik-dao.near

project 1: ”to planet lukukul” with prism world
outcome: * new music artists joining the planet.
  • create a 5 tracked “to planet lukukul” ep
  • onboard prism world community on near
  • bring more visibility to what we’re doing in the ecosystem. |
    | — | — |
    |roadmap & timelines:|* call for artists (early march)
  • onboard community members (mid march)
  • music production (late april)|
    | — | — |
    |budget:|* $300 for each music/artist, in case of collabs the budget remains the same.
  • -$1500 total
  • sent to either reespect.near or planet-lukukul.sputnik-dao.near|
project 2: ”to planet lukukul” with gx universe
outcome: * onboard gx universe community members to near through the planet
  • a solid preface video made according to the imagination of the community writers.
  • a filter for instagram and tiktok that brings the planet to web2 humans.
  • space collectibles to be stored for our metaverse in the future.|
    | — | — |
    |roadmap & timelines:|* bounty for writers (early - mid march)
  • an experiment with the writers (april)
  • filter production (late april)
  • episode production (late april)|
    | — | — |
    |budget:|* $250 bounty for writers.
  • $500 for video production
  • $250 for filter and collectibles production
  • sent to either reespect.near or planet-lukukul.sputnik-dao.near|

following the creation of the fundamentals for the collection we are creating a vivid backstory and the next story from the planet, a preface; to planet lukukul.
this allows us onboard and collaborate cross chain, prism world is a collective on ethereum and gx universe is a dao on tezos.
this opens for a friendly bridge between all our communities.
it’s all about the web3 principle, not competing but collaborating.
we are onboarding members of these communities on near, and we could get to collaborate with the near writer’s guild on the storytelling and other artists in form of bounties in the nearest future.

success: of this looks like cross-chain interaction and growth of the community from the current 102 members on discord, 102 followers on twitter and 100 followers on instagram by at least 30%

cc: @Cryptonaut @williamx for visibility.