[Report] Paint & Chill With Near

Paint & chill with Near was an event that focused on onboarding and familiarizing people to Near and its attributes (dapps, projects and communities) via the use of fine arts and craft. Link to proposal

Listed below are some of the major highlights from the event.

  • Video highlight of how it went

  • Date the event took place: 15th of October 2022

  • No of People that registered: 300+

  • Number of Attendees: 150 +

  • Number of Near wallets activated: 150 +

  • Number of Near Dapps attendees interacted with: 2 (Near wallet, mintbase)

  • No. of attendees onboarded to at least one Near community: 50+

  • Number of NFT created at the event: 100+

QR code:

The entry for this event was free. However, attendees were required to scan a QR code to create a near wallet at the entrance. The near wallet was the entry ticket. We had over 150 attendees and over 150+ persons scanned the QR code. However, 100+ persons were newbies while the remaining had an existing near wallet.

Education & Onboarding:
We created a group chat on whatsapp for attendees that registered for the event on eventbrite. Near x Art page on eventbrite garnered 72 new followers.

A pamphlet that featured a well detailed explanation of ‘What is Near’, ‘How to mint an NFT’ ‘Various communities in the Near ecosystem’, was given to each attendee.

The purpose of this pamphlet was for easy onboarding of the attendees into any Near community of their choice.

@Hawwal spoke about NFTs, the benefits and how it can be utilized in our everyday life. Watch on twitter


Attendees with no prior knowledge of painting made fine art and minted their first NFT on mintbase. The unique active wallet of mintbase so an increase of 60+ as many more people were minting and interacting with the Dapp.

In addition, we guided the attendees to incorporate the Near logo into their artworks. This made them even more familiar with Near’s logo.
Thanks to our volunteers from #near-x-art-dao . ( @Faithnime , @Adeclassic, ….)

Other activity and additional informations

Thank you #near-x-art-dao @creativesdao-mods