[Report] Writers Guild DAO monthly report for March 2022

Monthly Report - March 2022

Writer’s Guild DAO Council Members:


*Target: near-writers-collective.sputnik-dao.near

*Total Requested: 5000 USD in NEAR

*Total Spent: 4381.52 USD in NEAR

*Total Left: 618.48 USD

One March proposal payout is pending for disbursement in April creating this temporary surplus.

What we proposed: March 2022 Funding Proposal

Total Requested Funding Amount: 5000 USD in NEAR


The main objective of the Writer’s Guild is to facilitate creative projects within the NEAR community, bringing the writing medium to the blockchain through creative innovation. We aim to be inclusive and diverse in the projects we support and we aim to build collaborative efforts between media forms and artists.

What we accomplished in March:

Creation of The Writer’s Guild Social Media Presence and assets (200 USD in NEAR) by @Natashacremonese

The creation of The Writer’s Guild Mintbase Store.

Funding of proposal To Register Academic Philosophical Books as NFTs (750 USD in NEAR) submitted by @thephilosopher

Funding of proposal To compose and record (REALITY) 3 tracks E.P album (1000 USD in NEAR) submitted by @Dedeukwu

Partial Funding of proposal Writing fictional book (700 USD in NEAR) submitted by @Purpledots. This project is ongoing and the remaining half of funding $350 USD will be released upon a successful report next month.

Funding to Open Astrodao (50 USD in NEAR) to @LaDevochka

Funding of proposal Script for a webseries (800 usd in NEAR) submitted by @frnvpr

Funding of council work: 1500 USD in NEAR divided between 9 council members: 166.66 for each, and 0.01 for the treasury. *The council has since been reduced to 7 council members. Both @thephilosopher and @ladevochka have stepped away to focus on other projects.

Bounty Initiatives and Hiring the Community

Purpledot, through their funded proposal has provided a bounty opportunity “Entries for Cover Art (Fiction Ebook)” within the community. The winner of the bounty is to be selected April 7th.

Financial Movements

The Writer’s Guild directs funding to accepted proposals in two halves. The first half of funding is released to encourage production once proposals are voted upon and the second half of funding is released when the proposed project is completed. A project report is required of funded projects on the 25th of each month.

Funds directed to Council members are released at the beginning of each month.

Updated Projects Timeline:

Script for a webseries is ongoing until the end of April.
Writing fictional e-book is ongoing until the end of April.

Next Steps:

  • The Writer’s Guild is proposing to fund another group of diverse projects including 4 spoken word poetry NFT’s, Asemic Writing, Poetry Transcreations, A Multimedia Opera Script, Two articles: ‘FEMINU - an exhibition that became a DAO’ and ‘FEMINU - a curator and the lessons about gender’, and Educated Tout: A 40 Poem Anthropology.

  • The Writer’s Guild is also seeking to fund two bounties to encourage community participation and the social media presence of our community.

  • $600 USD in NEAR will be allocated to a poetry and prose bounty which will award participants 0.5 NEAR. The bounty will be shared with the community through social media. Participants will be directed to submit their work within the NEAR forums along with their NEAR wallet address and social media account handle. Entries will be shared on The Writer’s Guild Twitter and within the group Telegram. Entries will be accepted up until the bounty budget allocation is exhausted.

  • $240 USD in NEAR will be allocated to a logo bounty. This bounty will award the total amount to the entrant selected by the council members via vote. This bounty opportunity will be shared within the NEAR Creative Community to encourage participation.

  • Finally, Writer’s Guild community members will be encouraged to share links to and short descriptions of their work which will be compiled along with their NEAR account and social media handle and structured into a dissemination schedule for the Writer’s Guild Twitter account. This will help us amplify the voices of our community members and create a greater online presence.

Thank you,

The Writers’ Guild (NEAR Writers Collective)


Writers’ Guild Telegram


A beautiful start! o/


I am so happy that I found you guys! The goals and achievements of this guild are amazing. It’s an honor to be part of this community. Thanks for supporting FEMINU and the cause of minorities fighting prejudice due to their gender or non-binary choices and need for greater visibility and opportunities. :butterfly:


Happy you found us as well! We’re excited to keep amplifying voices such as yours!

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@AshleyC I thank you on behalf of all of us. :sunflower: