Report of Coffee service and onboarding at NEAR APAC

Morning NEAR Community!

Here is the recap & report of the Coffee Service and Onboarding activity in Vietnam.

The coffee service and activation did not occur as planned on the first day due to the event organizer’s oversight in not preparing the necessary electrical power for our coffee machine. Consequently, we were only able to operate it on September 10th for a single day.

The Coffee services live for 8 hours from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

Total cup of coffee delivered - 1300 cups of coffee

Total wallet onboarded 578 new wallet

The report below would represent more accurate usage of expenses given to us

Milk refund: $690 USD
Wallet activation refund: $300 USD
Tech refund: $170 USD ( $130 was spend for the NFT that being dropped to community who claimed the coffee)

Here are some documentation in the event!

List of new wallet can be provided on request

For what have happened in the first day on the event, feel free to reach out to anyone from the event organizer if there is community who doubt on that.

Shout out to all the big guy for the endless support
@satojandro @joe-rlo @jarednotjerry @web3hedge @NEKO
@Cryptonaut @RussLive215 @plug from ReFi
@NEARWEEKEND @edwardchew97

and everyone who I can’t mention due to tag limitation!


You are a rockstar Sir! Incredible trooper pumping out hundreds of coffees by himself! It was a pleasure to be able to help out for a little bit, specially gathering feedback that was later provided to Sharddog team for rapid iteration. Keep up the good work!


An honor to have your support!

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First off, I gotta apologize for downing 4 cups of coffee in a day, needed that caffeine fix :smile::coffee:

Fast coffee w/ fast onboarding. The best spot to meet a lot of NEAR Believers was right here! Great job @Aescobar @sumo1 !


Congrats guys, looks like a “not to missed” during NEAR APAC


Good report Creatives :fire:

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Hi @Aescobar, thank you for your efforts & great yet fun intiatives. BOS interaction is epic <3


Love to see it! Also refunds for the Near that isn’t used, legends.