[REPORT] NXM Discord server June 2022 Report/Trivia on discord

Hello community members and councils @NxM @creativesdao-mods.
Hope we are all doing very well and our healths too, Congratulations to us all for the month of JUNE.

I am Chukwu Nduka Samson, Current discord moderator for the NXM, Council member of the CAPITAL GUILD, Community relational officer of the Near NFT week, and a member of several other communities.

This is a report for the Management of NXM DISCORD SERVER and TRIVIA held in the NXM DISCORD SERVER for the month of June. As earlier proposed [proposal] Trivia on NXM Discord server for the month of JUNE 2022

Our Discord server have continued to see growth as we have made sure to keep onboarding members and encouraging members to get verified we have also seen increase in members engagement NxM 🎧

We have continued to share informations related to The near ecosystem, ranging from activities, research contents and community updates making sure members are kept up to date and we are dedicated to making sure we continue to do so and to improve.

Trivia saw again increase in members participation as we have continued to use the medium to keep members engaging and connecting with each other
For the month of June NxM 🎧 in June we had increased numbers of over :one::nine: members who Participated in the DISCORD TRIVIA compared to that of May AND WE HAD WELL OVER :eight::zero: entries,
With :six::nine: correct entries
We had some entries Disqualified too.

We made available results of participants with correct entries by ranking and Rewarded Winners @osyphotos @Chrisjay @DERI007 .

We congratulated This months’ winners and had their REWARDS SENT IN DAI
WE go again in July (MY BIRTH MONTH :woman_feeding_baby:t4:) and we will be introducing a new activity on next months proposal for the discord in a bid to further strengthen and improve the community involvement.

We are very delighted for the opportunity given us by the NXM community and it’s council @Monish016 @Paul @rhymetaylor @bonepolice @williamx

As we go into the month of July plans and ideas have been discussed to further help increase our discord activities with real time effect and also still increase members engagement with the server and the community.

Requesting Discord moderation for June: $200
Target wallet: sammiee.near

NXM cares :heart:


June was a wave… looking forward to July… let’s go!

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Keep it going @Sammiee, love what you are doing for the NxM!

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Thank you so much bro
You have been of so much support and guide and I am very grateful to have met you and I much commend the other council members


Thanks for the report & Happy Birthday in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Trivia seems fun, I won’t miss the next one I promise :sob: where and when is the next one btw?

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Thank you so much :hugs:
I appreciate this

Yes it is fun, and we will be having it again this month on the NXM Discord server NxM 🎧
We will be very happy to have you join us

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