[proposal] Trivia on NXM Discord server for the month of JUNE 2022

Hello awesome council members of the NXM guild @NxM the moderators of CreativesDAO @creativesdao-council and members of the forum

I am Chukwu Nduka Samson, Current discord moderator for the NXM, Council member of the CAPITAL GUILD, Community relational officer of the Near NFT week, and a member of several other communities.

The NxM discord server in the past months have seen changes in the server structure and we have come up with ideas and activities to improve and increase community involvement and member engagement. Thus TRIVIA on Our Discord

The trivia have proven to be a good means of engaging members and have also helped to increase relations with the server
Last month https://gov.near.org/t/report-nxm-discord-may-management-and-trivia-on-nxm-discord-server/21786 we saw engagement up to 50 entries in the Trivia and in the coming month we look to see even more.
And we have continued to reward members by highest number of correct entries $30, $20, and $10 a total of $60 as reward to members

Requesting: $60
Target: sammiee.near

Cc. @Paul @Monish016 @bonepolice @williamx @rhymetaylor
For visibility