NxM DAO Monthly report - May 2022

Monthly Report - May 2022

May was a wonderful month for NxM, Especially we had a lot of discussions on Self sustainability, Collaboration, etc., Also this month was uncertain due to exploitation. Hence the NxM has been stopped for the upcoming month

NxM DAO Management

The Social Media Team continued to do an excellent job promoting NxM initiatives across the various channels and engaging the community.

Click here for the DAO Management Report April 2022


We have not issued bounties for the Month of May.

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· NxM Mintbase Store

· Open NxM Store

Events & Project Overall Status:


I will drop the report soon cause I need to mint the EP and put a release date due to the NEAR Rate I found out that the money I received was not enough to complete all of the payment @Wiswiz is doing the minting for me on NXM open store, after that I will write a report please :pray: is not my fault