NxM DAO Management - May 2022

This payout request is for the management of the NxM DAO for May 2022.

May was an exciting and uncertain month, we had a wonderful proposal flowing in for the Event / Project grant, @NxM Council did a great job in scrutinizing a lot of proposals to fit the best one in the NxM budget and Treasury,

Also, May was Uncertain with some of the community members with their uncertain Activities, NxM had recently closed the grant proposal for the month of June

NxM Guides for Project/Event

NxM Project/Event Grants have been Updated as per NxM Membership, The Person who holds this NFT will have Access to NxM Community Funds through Event/ Project grant.

in Terms of Social Media, I really Appreciate @Sleezy_Moss @AugustKinge & @Sammiee from the Social Media Team taking care of All the Social by Keeping the Community Engaged and Active.

In terms of NxM self-sustainability, we have figured to allocate $2000 from DAO Treasury in Defi in the upcoming Months, Pls Find the Details Here

Request - $1500

$300 - Monish016.near
$300 - crans.near
$300 - williamxx.near
$300 - bonepoliceofficial.near
$300 - rhymetaylor.near

Thank you