[Report] Nxm DAO Management - June 2022

This payout request is for the management of the NxM DAO for June 2022.

It was a quiet month for NxM, Where NxM Temporarily Halted Funding proposals toward NxM Project/Nxm Event Grants. With the recent discussion on Creatives DAO for Self Sustainability of Each DAO, The Council focussed more on DeFi for NxM, Thanks to @bonepolice for this wonderful initiative. Also, we took this month’s time to understand more about the NxM community and further encourage decentralization and community participation in the NxM community, we now added all the NxM NFT Membership Holders to our NxM Astro

NxM Guides for Project/Event

There are no changes in the NxM Grant Guides. it remains the same from Previous months.

In Social Media, I appreciate @Sleezy_Moss @AugustKinge & @Sammiee from the Social Media Team taking care of All the Social by Keeping the Community Engaged and Active.

Due to NEAR Price Drop, I won’t be taking any funds for DAO Management this Month to ensure prosperity in the NxM DAO

Request - $1200

$300 - crans.near
$300 - williamxx.near
$300 - bonepoliceofficial.near
$300 - rhymetaylor.near

Thank you