[REPORT] Nomade Label Council Report - Ritamaria

Here is my report as council form Nomade Label DAO in the month of July

During our decentralization process, we passed the month of June without council members that lead us to the understanding the needs of council members, and also the roles concerned to them; so, in our last June meeting, we decided together who would take these places between the community members, as we reported here:

During the month of July, I started as council, and here is my activities report

  • release the first Antimetodo DAO’s Talk Series, inviting Tabea, from Muti Dao; this is a one hour program, broadcasted on Nomade Label’s youtbe, with the aim of exchanging experiences between daos, so we can know us better
  • support Nomade Label community on proposals and reports

  • support Nomade Label with our social medias, making posts on instagram and twitter, as we did not approve our marketing proposal this month

  • vote on CFCs on AstroDao

  • submit the DAO’s Inscription Form to the Creatives DAO

  • support Nomade Label community on releasing their projects, helping with production issues and so

  • stay active on Creatives DAO chat on telegram, being aware of the discussions that concerns to the community

I think it’s just a beginning, I am learning a lot in this process, and of course have lots of doubts that are being solved during the hole process in my best antimetodo’s way.

Waiting for community feedbacks, so I can be more active and helpful in this journey. And hope I can keep sharing experiences inside Nomade Label DAO, to encourage other members to assume this role, as I think it’s very important for decentralization.

Sending loves for you all!!


Hola Nomades and Cratives
Here is my AUGUST Council Report

This month was extremely full of challenges, as we received our July funds a little late. Listing my main activities below:

  • organize Nomade Label’s treasure, into a google sheets that is now available to all nomadics, to visit and check how we are using our funds. Because of the delay on receiving July’s funds, we had to make some transfers in advance, exchanging NEAR to DAI to payout people who needed to be payed.

  • redact the full report from July and the August proposal, in partnership with the councils and also with other Nomade members

  • support Nomade members in their reports and proposals

  • create some collaborative documents, to help in our onboarding process:
    how to create proposals and reports para a GERALDA_ escrevendo reports e proposals.pdf
    how to manage near wallet (security, exchanges and support) NL_Tutorial_carteira near recomendacoes.pdf
    how to navigate in near ecosystem (wallet, astrodao, forum)
    all these documents are collaborative and all members are invited to give their inputs, so it’s being such an incredible work toghether

  • host the ANTIMETODO DAOS TALK inviting Maria from Mintbase - gathering information about NFT, minting, creating smart contracts, Dapps, Stores, and so on. We decided to make this in portugues, as we noticed the importance of these contents to Brazilian community.

  • went to Rio de Janeiro, to support Mobidance 4, registering the live performance released on August, 21st, for further edition.
    [PROPOSAL] Título: Mobidance 4 - captação sonora e vídeoarte

  • be present in Nomade Label’s weekly meeting, sharing information and participating on the collective construction of the DAO.

  • be present on Creatives DAO weekly meeting on telegram .

  • supporting our marketing, publishing our events and actions on twitter and instagram, and also reposting other contents from other DAOs.

I also went to perform on Tenda Nomade, at Curitiba - PR, with @alinedaka and @blusw, with great support of @amandalealart . We released an ANTIMETODO about blockchain, and launched our QR Code, that address people to our content (newsletter, nft gifts and opening wallets)

Hope we can keep working seriously and focused on our development as a community, in and off chain!
With love
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :purple_heart:


Hello Rita, for me, like a member of Nomade Label, your work is a important support, you have care, creativity and discipline! Congratulations!


Great Rita ! Congratulations :slight_smile:


How wonderful is this work! :heart:


Hello Nomadessss
Here is my SEPTEMBER Council Report

September was the month of NEARCON, and the month of announcements of changes inside Creatives DAO. Being aware of all this process, during September I was hardly reading and interacting in and out of this forum with members of other DAOS, in order to understand better how this changes could impact us, and also collaborating with this community construction.

We also received our funds with a great delay, so it was necessary to look inside the house, readapt some proposals, make several meetings to talk about all this changes. So now, Nomade Label is passing through an intense restructuring process.

Listing my main activities below:

  • keep organizing Nomade Label’s treasure - we changed the way proposals ask for payouts on AstroDAO, so instead of one main wallet get the total and distribute to all who worked on the proposal, now each one has to make your own request. This is showing us more precisely how many community members are involved on the proposals and how the money is being distributed. The importance of register in AstroDao all DAOs movements also help members of being more aware about how the ecosystem works.

  • ONBOARDING MEMBERS - this is the hardest work I’ve been doing, and consist in not only preparing documents to help members to navigate on ecosystem, but also make several calls, to help using AstroDAO, Ref-finance, minting on Mintbase, use forum and mainly to understand the meaning of all these dApps, and so.

  • Writing the Nomade Label’s monthly funding request and report, with other councils.

  • Contribute in our social medias (twitter, instagram) with other members.

  • Vote on AstroDAO.

  • Attend to our weekly meeting, and also to extra meetings that were very necessary this month.

  • Attend to Creatives DAO weekly meeting on telegram chat.

  • Contribute with @fernandapaixao talking about Antimetodo and Decentralization in web3 for her article:
    DECENTRALIZED EDUCATION: What decentralization do we want? | by Nomade Label | Oct, 2022 | Medium

And now, understanding all the changes that are coming, and being aware of the restructuring process of the DAO, as we finish the September report I will leave Nomade Label’s Council, and start another journey in this ecosystem. Of course I’ll keep collaborating here, but in other ways.

It was really a great learning during these 3 months, I hope I can take this in my next steps, that are related to study more web3, and how to think more technologic and tokenized, connecting my professional work as music teacher to this space.

Send you all my love!

SAIARADA - antimetodo in nearcon 22

my work that was born after @pinkalsky Antimétodo Class, was selected to Nearcon Artist Showcase! (check it on page 6) Publish Online

@blusw was at Lisbon and could register it, and also create 2 NFTs! https://www.mintbase.io/contract/heynearcon.mintbase1.near/token/262

thank you Blua! and thaks to the community, that is one of the most interesting thing that happened to me this year!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:


it’s was great to have the chance to work side by side with you!
thank you <3


tell you the same, esther!! great arrival!!!
:heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


glad to be among you sistas!


@ritamaria it was pleasure, our conversation about education and decentralization way of life was a important contribution for my understanding about community building. Great job sista!!