[REPORT] Nomade Label Council Role July - Lea Arafah

This Month was full of energy, many things happened, so let’s get started for

Blua_discouncil and the ANTI-REPORT nomadelabel DAO July

Also add My sister’s report:

First mission as council was interesting failed, a good proposal to learn about our misconceptions of the ecosystem, and to heard from Marketing DAO council members opinion about how creatives are using they founds… take a look on the tred:

As Transdisciplinar human, active on this ecosystem, my participation as nomadelabel sisterhood, i would say that earning the title of council is not such simple thing, cause besides the technical apparatus of dealing with web3, relationtionships on the metaverse, and the governance forum interactions, the active member of thias community must recall the psychological challenge that it to deal internally with this overload of information, besides the uncertainties of the return due to the delays on payments, from the part of NF, this month for example.

There is a big responsibility, that the knowledge brings, but also the power to face the challenges and make the changes!


On the Atypical month, we did fight for our right to party!

and work harder!

Ritamaria invite’s Tabea from muti-DAO - Papo de DAO [dao’s talk] Antimétodo - YouTube

Pré-Tenda Nomade - YouTube

Antimétodo: Fly Goa na Casa Japuanga - YouTube

Pre-production of [PROPOSAL] Ocupação Nomade no Ap da 13 / Ocupa13 - DDD NL CNLVC Physical Event in Curitiba - Creatives - NEAR Forum

more coming soon!

Blua loves u all