[REPORT] Nomade Label DAO July Activities

[REPORT] Nomade Label JULY
Hello @creativesdao-council
Here is our July monthly report

Project Name: Nomade Label DAO

Project Status: [ concluded ]

Council members:


Balance: current account balance 306.7404 NEAR | 154.5374 DAI

Astro DAO: nomadelabel.sputnik-dao.near

Link to previous proposal:



Ongoing projects:

  • DDD curitiba - 1000 DAI


this proposal will be released on August, 27th

  • Máquina de Inscrever 2Âş episĂłdio



  • Talk Away


this proposal returned 50 DAI to Nomade Label - the final report will be published at the end of the month

this proposal returned 60 DAI to Nomade Label

  • GUME recebe Fly


  • ResidĂŞncia Fly na Casa Japuanga


June proposal, concluded on July:

  • Tay Oluá: The Girly Magic

this project received the budget on the month of June



  • Physical event held in SĂŁo Paulo, with more than 20 artists that are members of the community, from different areas (performance, dance, music, video installation) counting with more than 40 people in the audience.

  • Live transmission of this event on Voxels, in a parcel projected by Manutegus

  • We celebrate the partnership with Talk Away, with the onboarding of this startup, holding one face-to-face event, one telematic event, opening wallets and NFT production.

  • Continuing the project of decentralization, clarifying council roles, supporting community in the transactions inside the ecosystem (Astro DAO, Ref Finance, minting, and so); We are also working on DAO’s sustainability.

  • Holding the second Nomade Occupation, bringing Fly Goa, a great sound artist from Rio de Janeiro to SĂŁo Paulo, in an artistic residence in Casa Japuanga - from this residence it was possible to promote her physical collab with Cia GUME, and with other artists on-chain and off-chain, what will for sure contribute for more projects in the future.

  • Launching AntimĂ©todo DAO’s Talk, inviting Tabea, co-founder of mutiDAO, for a conversation about the ecosystem, the relation between physical and virtual events, self-sustainability and other inputs. This conversation is available on Nomade Label’s YouTube channel.


Metric reflection:

  • Talk Away onboarding - the partnership between Talk Away and Nomade Label is helping the startup to insert the NEAR blockchain in their platform, as we can see in this report: ​​https://gov.near.org/t/report-talk-away-platform-activities/25401
  • Espaço Coletivo onboarding: this place in SĂŁo Paulo had its wallet opened and now is being onboarded into the ecosystem - we hope it can be a place for other Brazilian DAOs to carry out projects in collaboration.
  • We are now 27 people on Astro DAO - we see more people voting in our decentralization process, and our aim is to grow this number of interactions, as we see the importance to the ecosystem and also to achieve higher turnover in administrative roles.

Community engagement:

  • Social Media views - for the month of July

Instagram - 411 followers, (+ 25 during the month of July); 6147 interactions, 291 activities on profile

YouTube - 45 subscriptions (+ 14 during the month of July); 222 channel visualizations; exhibition time: 25.5 hours in July

Twitter - 253 followers (+21 in july); 569 impressions; 674 profile visits; 38 mentions

  • How many community members participated in the activities: over 20

  • How many community members were rewarded: over 20


  • We learned that the blockchain and the NFTs are still abstract concepts for our network, so we are now changing our Tenda Nomade project - by this concept we are now working on spread the idea, by fomenting conversations about NEAR and the blockchain in our physical events, and to have physical products for sale, that can be turned into NFT after the selling, inverting the logic we thought before.

  • About connecting the physical events with the metaverse, we understand that the better way to do it is using asynchronous mode by editing vĂ­deos and audios, preparing the space with NFT exhibitions, auctions and giveaways, and promoting the virtual event in our networks.

Accounting (All proposals were paid):

funds statement on July, 27th
280,5624 NEAR / 271.887 DAI
Because of the delay on receiving DAO’s Funds, we had to made some transfers, as shown below:

payouts july
Who When 280.5624 NEAR 271.887 DAI Notes
Gus Manute 28/07 -200 council
Fernanda PaixĂŁo 27/07 -47 transfer to perform the payout of 185 DAI in Talk Away proposal NEAR 3.96 DAI
partial 1 233.5624 71.887
ritamaria.near 06/08 -33 transfer to swap NEAR in DAI to perform payouts needed in the community NEAR 4.92 DAI
ritamaria.near 06/08 +162,6504 DAI in cashback
partial 2 200.5624 234,5374
alinedaka.near 08/08 -40 Talk Away
flygoa.near 08/08 -50 GUME
danielcarrera.near 08/08 -100 GUME
partial 3 200.5624 44.5374
Nomade Label 09/08 +4895 July funds received
Nomade Label 09/08 -575 swap to NEAR. NEAR 5,41 DAI referred to the anticipation: 185 + 200 + 40 + 50 + 100
Nomade Label 09/08 +106,178 DAI swapped to NEAR, back to Nomade Label account
partial 4 09/08 +306.7404 +4364.5374
proposals Jul
Talk Away 09/08 -500 payout with 50 DAI in cashback
DDD sp 09/08 -660 payout with 50 DAI in cashback
GUME 09/08 -400 payed
Ocupação 09/08 -350 payed
DDD Curitiba 10/08 -1000
Máquina 10/08 -500
total proposals -3410 110 left on account
Gus 0 payout on July
Blua 09/08 -200 payed
Gabriel 09/08 -200 payed
Rita 10/08 -200 payed
Thais 11/08 -200 payed
total councils -800
funds situation after July payouts +306.7404 NEAR +154.5374 DAI

by blua via nomadelabel.near

99.302 + 6,876 NEAR = 106,178 NEAR

Next Steps:

  • Activating Nomade Factory, producing and minting the NFTs from the events held - organizing a document with minting guidelines, detailing royalties split, how to make unlockable contents, and so
  • Holding metaverse events, using the production from the physical events, with NFTs exhibitions, auctions and giveaways
  • Keep holding physical events, such as AntimĂ©todo classes, performance and other collabs related to our Roadmap.
  • Launching Tenda Nomade, as a concept - through our physical productions, creating new approaches to form public to the blockchain
  • Organizing our social medias, as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, to achieve more visibility and also to connect more effective our actions to NEAR blockchain
  • Performing the second edition of ANTIMETODO DAO’S TALK - we invited Maria, from Mintbase DAO, to a conversation about marketplace, NFTs and self sustainability.

Quanta coisa! E muita transparĂŞncia. Sempre tomo como ref pra escrever


Very nice to be able to see so many details of the creative processes realized and in progress. The organization of Reports promotes transparency, understanding of strengths, path building, and what can be improved.


Such a challenging month, that’s awesome! :scream_cat: :heart:


Wowww!!very good job!!! Thank you so much for hosting Talk away with sensibility, for is was a great and important experience!


Sou muito grata por ter estado com pessoas maravilhosas fazendo arte, mais uma vez fomentando para o ecossistema. Seguimos juntos!