[REPORT] NEAR Pakistan Community March Report

Project Name: Near Pakistan

Project Intro

The Near Pakistan project aims to drive adoption and awareness of NEAR Protocol within Pakistan through a comprehensive educational initiative. Our goal is to onboard new users, guide them in creating wallets, and empower them to confidently engage with web3 technologies. Through education, gamification, and outreach to non-blockchain communities, we seek to demystify NEAR Protocol, strengthen community connections, and contribute to the growth of the NEAR ecosystem in Pakistan.

Meet the team

Before I introduce our exceptional team, I want to underscore that the heart of our success lies in the dedication and professionalism of each member. Together, we form a cohesive unit that consistently strives for excellence in everything we do.

Activity Member
Founder: Talha Khan
Whatsapp group moderators: Hanzala Awan, Muhammad Ubaid
Twitter: Talha Khan
Content Curator, Video creator/ Education Wassay Ahmad Qureshi, Usman Ameer
Content Creators, AMAs, Workshops, Relations, and Collaborators: Wassay Ahmad Qureshi, Talha Khan, Hassan Iqbal, Dr Sam, Arsalan Khan

Our social media channels

Whatsapp Group : Near Pakistan (64 Members)

Whatsapp Channel Announcement: Near Pakistan (81 Subscribers )

X (Twitter) : @ Near_Pak (2.3K followers (previous account changed to Near Pak)

LinkedIn: Near Pak ( 108 followers )

Medium: @near_pak

YouTube: @Near_Pakistan (41 Subscribers)



Approved Proposal Link:

[APPROVED] Near Pakistan March 2024

Highlights of the months:

During this month we achieved the following:




1/Referral systems (15%)
Target : 15 Wallets (70+ Wallets Achieved)

2/Demonstration NEAR to NON blockchain communities (20%)
Target : 0 (Achieved: 1 event and 2 Partnerships)
Note: can Provide More If needed

3/ Education of the local communities:(30%)
Target : (1 event, 10 users/ event ,3swags delivery )
Achieved: ( 1 Event, 50+users , 35+ swags Delievry)
Note: can Provide More If needed

4/Engagement gamification mechanism: (35%)
Twitter Target : (3k Impression ) Achieved : (3.2K Impressions) Evidence
Whatsapp Target (15 Active Members) Achieved : 40+ Memebers) Evidence
Wallet Transactions Target : (7 New Transaction for 7 wallets) Achieved (10+ Avg Transaction for 6 New Wallets) Evidence
Youtube Video Target : (1 video , 100 views) Achieved (1 video and 100+ Views) Evidence

We Completed all our KPI’s for March 2024 , and hopefully we can achieve our April KPI’s as well.
As always thank you Council Members for trusting us with this opportunity, if anything else need let us know , Thanks


Excellent work, but please make a report in the excel format (metrics and evidence) as the same as ES case: [REPORT] NEAR ES Community March 2024!

however, one highlight is that the wallet list only 1 txns, we need more txn in the coming months, and you also need to conduct IAH for new users.

And Twitter is banned in your country, you need to find another platform to deliver it for the coming months.

Keep up your good work!

—> I’m sorry but 99% didin’t make any TX, this can’t be count as “real” wallet

We have just launched the community in March under Tier E for starters the target was to onboard 15 wallets with 30% retention rate.

We have retained 6-7 wallets with decent number of txns.

When we onboard wallets in any event, we can’t be sure that everyone will stay with us. We just try to retain maximum from our end. We have achieved our KPIs under TierB.

Hopefully, number retained wallets will increase in coming months.