[APPROVED] Near Pakistan March 2024

Establishing a Near Protocol community in Pakistan could bring numerous benefits, both to the Near Protocol ecosystem and to the local tech industry.
Why Pakistan?
Growing Tech Industry:
Pakistan has a rapidly growing tech industry with numerous blockchain companies. These companies could potentially adopt or build upon Near Protocol, contributing to its global ecosystem.
Potential for Blockchain Adoption:
There is significant potential for blockchain adoption in Pakistan. The country’s president has even called for a National Blockchain Strategy. Establishing a Near Protocol community could help drive this adoption.
Legal Framework:
Blockchain technology is on the brink of revolutionizing Pakistan’s legal processes. Near Protocol, with its secure and transparent records, could play a significant role in this transformation.
Benefits to Near Protocol
Increased Adoption:
A community in Pakistan could lead to increased adoption of Near Protocol, expanding its user base and contributing to its growth.
Diverse Perspectives:
Including developers and users from diverse backgrounds can lead to innovative solutions and use cases for Near Protocol.
Local Partnerships:
A community in Pakistan could facilitate partnerships with local tech companies and institutions, potentially leading to new projects built on Near Protocol.

Social Media Channels :
Twitter(X) : Near_Pak
Telegram :nearpakistan
Youtube : username: nearpakistan
Website : Coming Soon

Backed By Global Web3 :(Twitter(X): GlobalWeb3_io)

Core Team:
• Talha Khan (Founder) :
• SAM (Co Founder and Business Developer)
• Arsalan Khan( Marketing Head)
• Bawar Khan( Partnerships)
• Noman Khan (Content and Management)
Note : Team Details already shared on Telegram also we had a very detailed meeting about it as well.

Funding Scheme : Monthly

Our Strategy aligning with Globe DAO KPIs :
• Onboarding 15+ new wallets every month, with online&offline events, swags and
Campaigning, ensuring 20% had IAH verified.
• Reaching 5k+ impressions on Twitter with regular content pushing.
• Telegram contests and on chain quizzes and AMAs, ensuring 15+ active members
• Delivering at least 2 videos/Month
• Writing Content in Local Language (Articles, Videos, Graphics)
• Conducting 1+ Online Events targeting 10+ Users both (Developers and Community
Members) and one Offline Event.
• Conducting a Physical Session in an International University(Just as intro to Near Protocol )

Growing a Near Protocol community in Pakistan can be achieved through these strategies:

Hold a Hackathon:
Organizing a hackathon is an effective way to attract programming talent and development activity to a blockchain platform. This could involve offering incentives to participants in exchange for their creative contributions.
Sharing Valuable Content:
Sharing interesting and informative content related to Near Protocol and the blockchain industry can attract followers who are interested in the project and the broader blockchain community. This include news articles, blog posts, videos, and infographics.
Active Community Engagement:
Having well-informed members leading community engagement helps to drive up understanding and support from the community. This could involve explaining different products and answering questions in social channels.
Partnerships with Local Tech Companies:
Partnering with local tech companies can help to increase the adoption of Near Protocol. These partnerships could lead to new projects being built on Near Protocol.
Educational Programs:
Conducting workshops, seminars, and training programs about Near Protocol and blockchain technology can help to increase awareness and understanding among potential users and developers.
Remember, building a community is not just about growing numbers, but also about fostering engagement and creating a space where people feel valued and heard. It’s about building relationships and trust. With the right strategies, the Near Protocol community in Pakistan has the potential to thrive.

Budget Request: Requesting a total budget of $1,300 with the wallet address(pak_community.near)


It’s great to see more regional communities are evolving around the globe.

Few things:

Even if you shared with them via tg it’s good to share here too.

For transparency purpose add your requested budget and cost breakdown.

Your team experience in the ecosystem or building similar community.



Thanks for your feedback @Bakaka.
We truly appreciate your efforts. I agree with you completely. For transparency, team experience + all the others details should be on Forum too.

As they are new on Near Forum, they are unaware of few things. I have already asked them to make some changes here. Additionally, I have shared our template + asked them to mention budget breakdown. For team experience, they are unable to insert links in their post as they have a New Forum ID.

Hope you understand.


Sure bro…looking forward to seeing their activities

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Updated our proposal, Kindly let us know if you need anything else guys.

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Hi Pakistan team,

thanks for your proposal!
Besides the proposal, we need a detailed document about the KPI you have achieved in the past, if not on NEAR, you guys can share about experience in community building in another blockchain. Please prepare it on a Word document so we can comment on it.

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Sure, we will share our previous activities, events and many more details which we have did in the past.

This is the Presentation we made to Support Our Application.

Near Pakistan Community Proposal .pdf (1.1 MB)

Core Team Members CVs For Experience:

Talha Khan < Founder>
Talha Community Management CV.pdf (187.2 KB)

Dr Sam
Salman-Khan-Resume latest.pdf (114.3 KB)

Arsalan < Jamie>< Marketing and BD >
Cv.pdf (260.8 KB)

Bawar Khan < Partnerships>
BAAWAR khan CV…. (1).pdf (173.2 KB)

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Thank you, we will process and feedback later.

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Some Notable Events Our Team Members Promoted in Pakistan

1- Future Fest 2024:
Our Co-Founder SAM presented and Promoted Bitget Wallet and Exchange in Future Fest 2024( Biggest Tech Event in Pakistan)

2 – Web3 Disrupt (Biggest Web3 Event in Pakistan):
Our Team Member Promoted Lbank Exchange in Web3 Disrupt Event in Pakistan.

3- Matrix Tech Summit:
Our Team Promoted Bitkeep Wallet (Now Bitget Wallet ) in Matrix Tech Summit in

4-Local Community Meetup for Lbank with Over 250+ members :
Community Meetup

Note : These are Just some Highlighted Events we participated in, we also has done more meetups, online events, trainings etc

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Hi @Near_Pak Thank you for the detailed proposal and the presentation of your previous work. According to Chainalysis, Pakistan belongs to the top 10 countries in the crypto space. As mentioned in our call, I appreciate the work you are doing and I think it would be great to build a Near Community in Pakistan.

Since you want to build a community from scratch, I would suggest starting with Tier E.
We have an appeal process and cannot fund new communities with a higher Tier for the time being. Please edit your KPIs accordingly.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Sure Sir @cizi31 , It is great idea to start from Lower Tier after a month we will get the idea where we stand and if we can do more in this month then we can surely go for bigger tiers, Thanks for this amazing opportunity we will try our best to achieve KPI’s and not just completing KPI’s but working on building Near Community in Pakistan.

We will update our KPI’s according to TIER E Shortly.

@cizi31 updated our KPI’s according to Tier E, Thanks for the support​:heart:

Thank you for updating the proposal.

Happy to support Near Pakistan under Tier E.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for adjusting your KPIs. Here are the points I gathered from your proposal, please double-check:

To make it easier and avoid misunderstandings, next time please provide the diagram so it’s easy to read. You can take cues from other regions in their proposals.

I support this proposal because I was attending the call together and understanding your perspectives and plans to develop the Near Pakistan community.

Great :heart:

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Thanks for trusting in our team, We will try our best to achieve our target

Thanks for your support, Sure we will propose better next time,Thanks for this amazing opportunity


Thanks for sharing your web3 experience!
Let’s make an impact in Pakistan for NEAR.
Happy to support!

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