[Approved] Nearity - Social Media - April - 2023

Hello everyone! cc @Dacha @so608 @cryptocredit @Klint @satojandro

We are back after 3 months operating and maintaining ourself by own cost.

1. Our high-level goals & objectives:

  • We promote for project on Ecosystem (that dont have tend in paying for promoting) in our social chanels( Twitter, Telegram, website)
  • responsible for participating in stimulating activities of projects continue building and developing on NEAR through production of AMA, content, graphics, promoting. Bring more developer, experience of developer on ecosystem
  • bring more user from another chains, web3 user, tranditional user on web2 to NEAR.

2. Our streng activites

General creative and daily content

  • Daily news: 50 - 80 post news all of highlight projects on near each month
  • Data analytics last update: update last performance flagship protocol on NEAR
  • Twitter: 10 - 20 advanced / Infograhics for flagship project on NEAR
  • Shilling/Report & introduction Megathread: 1 threads

Promote project: we change severing promoting project to 2 month(previous month, we just serve during just in 1 month) for each fill form that from apply this form, list of applied project published in this fie manage by @marketingdao-council

  • Graphics design: brainstorm idea 2 - 4 unique graphics for per project
  • shout out and news, announcing new of project (unlimitted retweet, require ping post) up to each project we often receive the number of shout out about 5 - 10 news per mont. Total subtask shoutout news
  • highlight graphics, featured summary project: 2 - 3 task each project
  • giveaway…
  • shilling, reaware project on all of our social(ig, facebook, telegram, website)
  • publish material of graphics, or guest post to our when site, when project have demand

we will host 3 - 5 AMAs
Each AMA we will prepare script and discuss with partner the script, design graphics, host the prepare question form community, announcing the winners, keep user active our channels. Then we will publish the script of AMAs to our website.

3. Issue in become self-sufficient media with Nearity

Last proposal, @so608 And @cryptocredit have mentioned the way that Nearity should be self-sufficient in our operation. we also ask 2 - 3 projects/clients that should be paid partnership, they just confuse about this,(before we have those signal in our operation). No more project want to have pay to getting promote…

4. Kpi

Twitter: 38k → 39k follow
Telegram: 2k members → 2k5 members
AMA: 5 - 7 projects have AMA ( min 50 - 200 audiences on AMAS
inforgraphics - analystics - storytelling graphics: 60 (20 - 30 - 10)
reach happiness from projects on NEAR,
Bring 100 - 200 users from web2, another chain to NEAR

5. Total cost request

Total :2300$ → nearityorg_near wallet

Thanks your reading proposal, and hope have more chance for our team serving and working more NEAR ecosystem


Happy to support! Thank you for your outstanding work for Near Community.

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Hi Sam, thanks for your proposal.

I acknowledge and appreciate that the team has continued working for the past three months without funding from M DAO.

This raises some questions around other Revenue streams and whether the business model has entered a sustainable stage where it can ‘graduate’ from M DAO. We continue to operate with limited monthly funding cap and are actively looking for ways to fund new projects.

Having said that, I acknowledge that the amount requested is reasonable compared to the presence and impact the account can have. I am open to fund if it proves to be necessary.


  • How do the current communication pathways between other players in the ecosystem look like? Are you part of the NEAR Growth Channel or NDC Distribution Channel, etc? In contact with NEARWEEK.

I’d like to try and find ways we can have our grantees work closer together - Nearity amplify the NEAR at Night and Wax Chill and Shill pods, Ready Layer One podcasts, etc.


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thank for your thinking,

With projects: we just ready to support them (in retweet, like, shout out news). No any more project want to pay for us, so we still support them free those.

With NDC distribution channel: we joined most of them, and finding out the way to work with admins and another group that we could add our our job value. Some time we join the community call as a listener the meeting.

With Nearweek: we still keep connect with J_Maenen (telegram), we also add bot newsletter of Nearweek when they ask. And still keep contact with him/her to be ready work together.

yah sure we will push to this activities to happen this event that we mentioned before on our group.

Thanks for understanding our work, and let me know any thing that i missed and necessary to work closer with another side in our ecosystem ser

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Thank you for your reply.

I support this proposal with the condition that you amplify other projects that Marketing DAO also funds. DM if you have any questions or doubts

Looking forward to next report and to see how these cross-pollination can help grow some of the smaller channels.

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thank @satojandro For your support, we try our best to improvement the activities that council mentioned

Hi @nearity thanks for your proposal. I have reviewed and noted your replies to fellow council. Happy to support. Moving to Approved.

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Thank @marketingdao-council for this proposal,

acctually i want to listen more from @so608 And @Klint for fully aspects from you.

And this is astroDAO poll link, please help me vote it.


Thank you so much. we soon have report in the end of this month


Congrats on the confirmation proposal :tada:

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