[Report] Near Ankara Meeting

Hello everyone,
I opened a proposal for the Ankara/Istanbul meeting.
[Here is the Proposal link] [Approved] Near Ankara-İstanbul Meeting.
Ankara meeting happened.

+30 engineering students attended the Near Ankara Meeting. Many investors attended
the event.
A few of friends could not attend the meeting due to snowy weather conditions.

A senior instructor in Rust programming language couldn’t came at the event because of the exam week. But we did a google meet with him.
In the Ankara Meeting, Near ecosystem, working mechanism of Near, job opportunities and educational activities were explained.
After the presentations , we made future plans with the university students
We talked to them about bringing their projects on other platforms to the Near ecosystem. We told them how to do it.
I explained the education models of Near University to university students. Some of our friends stated that they wanted to participate.

With the Senior Rust Instracture, which we did a google meeting, a plan was made to prepare a training content in Turkish. Planning will be presented to you approximately 1 month later. Let me talk briefly about the content.
Rust Education Topics:
Variable Identification.
Variable Types.
If else, While loop,
Databases in Rust programming language.
Ownership and Borrowing.
Designing with canvas in Rust
Desing Patterns (Iterator-Strategy-Traits-Generics-Closure…)
Making a few Basic Games.
Binary Search App

I think that the education model to be made will be many times better than the Global. Because the education to be given in Turkey will be a step-by-step education by starting the language of Rust programs from scratch.
We learned that several universities teach Blockchain courses. We will give a training to these universities about the Near ecosystem and Web.3.0 as a guest with Google meet.
We were invited to conferences held at universities.
For Ankara https://www.ieeeankarabilim.org/ CSCon22.
For Yalova YUCON Login • Instagram

Here is some Photographs from Near Ankara Meeting:
We are also editing a video. The video will be shared as soon as possible.

This photo from road :grin:


I look forward to see your comments…


Congratulations Guys.

Is this youth heading to light a new NEAR torch in Turkey? :hugs:

@David_NEAR @Dacha @KriptoRaptor @REK


started rolling the snowball and it’s getting bigger
unfortunately METU students couldn’t make it as they had exams :frowning:
but it was a good meeting for the start. 7-8 Students are already fell in love with Near and looking forward to enroll Near Univ. More importantly these community leader students will help us organize bigger events in the universities and other events. thanks to @REK and his huge network we managed it and will go for hall seminars next!

I’ve met @REK in person he is an humble young fellow with good enthusiasm about blockchain about Near :love_you_gesture:

already getting excited for Istanbul


Also, after the meeting, 5 developer, 1 designer who couldn’t attend the meeting but wanted to work at Near ecosystem, contacted me. We have a google meet with them on Monday.


Great job guys :muscle:thanks


Video is ready but I can’t share because of the Size.
Mp4 version is 17Mb
GIF version is 147Mb

Thanks for the report and updates on the progress. Are you able to share a link to the video instead of uploading to the forum?

I’d also welcome the students who participated to get involved with the Community here and participate in the forum.


@KriptoRaptor @crypto_blckhntr
shall we create an instagram account?


Congratulations. Hope to be together at the next meeting :wink:


Of course. I would like to see you in Istanbul meeting or Yalova conference.
Istanbul meeting will happen at May 7.


Any social media platform can be used to reach out to people and educate them about the NEAR Protocol.


If you live near Yalova. We look forward to seeing you at our events in Yalova.

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We will get in touch about next meetings. Istanbul or Yalova is the same distance, i live between them :+1:


could you see the video?


himm sounds pretty. by that valuable media won’t get lost and it will be good channel to reflect our initiatives, advertise new events.

let’s name it: Near Türkiye Eğitim or Near Türkiye Devs ? and post all activities important updates there?

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are still in touch with more of them even with the ones those couldn’t make it.

Remzi let’s encourage them to join the forum and drop their comments about the events

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Decentralized Near Turkey group created. I can add young developers to groups. I will invite them to the Near forum tomorrow.

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Hello, I am Burak Eren. As one of the Cankaya University Blockchain Society’s members participating in this event, it was really impressive for making good network. Also its in terms of information, it is extremely enough to understand what is near, why we should use near etc…

I’m glad to came that event. I hope you guys will do more, me and our society are waiting good news from you!

Also there is a little image about, your gift thanks again ^^


Thanks for the report and inviting participants to check out the forum and continue participating with the NEAR community!