[Closed] cankaya meeting with near - october 20-21

Hello Everyone! I am Burak Eren YILDIZ. I am Communication and Sponsorship Officer at Cankaya University Blockchain Society since 2021. Our crew will be come to the comment section and all of them introduce themselves.

We want to do special event with NEAR Community. We took part on Ankara NEAR event with our crew and we excited to work for NEAR.

If you want to know more about us, Our Social Media Accounts;
Instagram: Çankaya Blockchain Community (@cankayablockchain) • Instagram photos and videos
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cankayablockchain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cankayachain

All informations about event (CANKAYA MEETING WITH NEAR) schedule is here; Çankaya Meeting with NEAR.docx - Google Docs

Date: October 20-21
Location: Cankaya University, Yukarıyurtçu, Yukarıyurtçu Mahallesi Eskişehir Yolu 29. Km, Mimar Sinan Caddesi No:4, 06790 Etimesgut/Ankara
Target Audience: 300 University Students – 25 Academy Lecturers.

Few photos from Location (Cankaya University);
(Those pictures taken from our previous events.)

This one from NEAR’s Ankara event.

How will this event benefit Near?

We have stands for our sponsors and we want to add few stands for NEAR too. In everyone can see in schedule we have a lot speech for NEAR. Also we have special funny events too so while people can learn about NEAR also they can get fun from the event. Near ecosystem, Job opportunities, Trainings, Projects will be explained in the speeches. (The presentation isn’t ready right now but we will be finish like 3-4 days.)

Everything about budget is here; Çankaya Meeting with NEAR.xlsx - Google Sheets

Everyone who is close to Ankara can participate in the offline events. Also we are open to any idea make better to this event. Here is the proposal for our event Cankaya meeting with NEAR; https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-517?fromCreate=true Near is $4.70 (Binance Near Value at 10.09.2022 - 17:18 GMT+3) so nearly 1302 Near need for this proposal. Wallet: mezonquark.near


Hello, I’m Efekan, I’m content coordinator at Çankaya university blockchain community. We are aware of Near’s support for development since the first event held in Ankara. We aim to bring Near to a wider audience with the special event we will organize in our school. This event will also attract the attention of other blockchain communities and raise awareness about near university. We are already very excited to take part in this beautiful event.

Keep growing together.



I am Anıl Karaçay, Founding President of Çankaya University Blockchain Community. We met thousands of people at various events with our community, where I have been the chairman for a year, and the most exciting project was NEAR. We had attended the NEAR Ankara Event before and got enough information about NEAR. Now we want to create a nice area by telling our own NEAR event to all students in our school and to our wide network that we know outside of school. We expect sufficient opportunities from you for this, I hope we will all be together in this beautiful event.


@marketingdao-council you can give an eye if possible


I am Buğra Demiratan, Vice President and Design Coordinator of Çankaya University Blockchain Community. We participated a lot of events phisically and online. But NEAR’s was one of the most improving and educational event. We saw that NEAR is perfect match for our community and we wanted to be in that family. We looking forward to work with NEAR, and cant wait to promote each other. I hope we will be together in this and so on another events.


I am Yusuf Tuna Üner. I am currently managing the Cankaya University Blockchain Community’s activities. Through the group I have taken role in many activities, be it Ankara or İstanbul I have met many people and I have been inspired by them. Among these, the one I think is the most important is of course Near. That’s why we as a group, want to arrange our own Near event at the campus in order to inform people about what we have learned and interest those who are interested AND in order to expand our social environment. We humbly request your cooperation and hope to see you all in this brand new event in this semester.


I’m Erva Kocatürk, Communication and Sponsorship Responsible of the Cankaya University Blockchain Community. I took part of many social and cultural event as a member of this community. However, no project excited me as much as near. Me and our crew spent our a lot of time for preparation of this event. We want to hold our own Near event at our school. We want to inform everyone at our school but we don’t have enough facilities. We are sure that it will be an excellent event with your support.Thank you for your help in advance.


In your offer there is an item creating Near wallets for participants. What are these wallets created for and will they be used by these users in the future? As far as I know, the creation of Near Wallet is 0.1 Near. Will a 1350 Near Wallet be created? Will the rewards be fulfilled according to some conditions or in a random order?
Thx :blush:


Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit



Hello, rewards will be given like a kahoot game succesfull or quiz succesfull. It’s according to the understanding of near and making some good stuff about near.

About near wallet, you are right this a mistake of mine. I will reprepare. Without it all is look nice am i right? :slight_smile:


I’m Öykü Çoban , Project Manager of Çankaya University Blockchain Community. Since our establishment we have had the opportunity to meet various people due to our participation in many events. Among these events NEAR Ankara event was one of the most impressive.
And now we want to create a nice atmosphere by organizing our own event where we will explain NEAR’s ecosystem to students in our college as well as our network outside of school. We are looking forward to recieve your support in order to make this happen. Hope we can work together.


Hello. Have you organized any events before? We already have one of the best teams in Türkiye who hold great meetups.


I can’t know the prices for services and rent of your area. I couldn’t find video tutorials on Twitter. Do you have videos of lessons and lectures? Submit a link to the video materials.
Thx :blush:

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I’m sorry. I was not careful in calculating the cost of creating wallets. The cost of creating wallets is 0.1 Near, not 0.1 dollars. You can enter data on the cost of creating a wallet with an approximate account of the number of new wallets. I apologize again for my mistake on the forum.
Thx :blush:


Yes we allready educated by this team in Ankara Near Meeting. We organized many events as you can see in instagram-twitter.


As i write in excel there is no rent price, its our university. Just for stands we will pay and it will be more economical.


Ah it’s also my mistake thanks for correction i will make it correct right now :slight_smile:


@pathfinder one picture from we were educated by Turkey Near Team in Ankara. That was great event.


@cryptocredit @Klint @David_NEAR