[PROPOSAL] Near Turkey Blockchain Academy

Hi guys,

in this topic I am going to represent you the Near Turkey Blockchain Academy.

As Turkey DAO (turkey.sputnikdao.near) our aim is to focus more on Development and Education. For that we have decided to run a Blockchain Academy and give Turkish University students the chance to learn about Blockchain / RUST development and generally more about NEAR Protocol.

We have made a preliminary agreement with EtkinKampus www.etkinkampus.com, which organizes events for students in universities in all provinces and has more than 5000 members, to hold workshops on blockchain and Near. We need a budget of 7500 dollars together with EtkinKampus to produce the workshop content specified in the attached brochure. The participation is expected to be around 1000 people considering the event that was held with Huobi Turkey in the past. Among these 1000 people, students from departments close to computer engineering, mathematics and software will participate. The number of people in the telegram group of the etkinkampus can be checked in the attached screenshot.

In the future, after this training, Rust training and Near smart contract development trainings are planned as separate workshops.

Blockchain Academy Topics:

  1. What is Blockchain?
  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • Real World Examples & Projects
  1. What is Near Blockchain?
  • What are the differences from other blockchains
  • Top Projects on the Near
  • Near.University
  1. Why Rust Programming & Near
  • Why Rust is used so much in blockchain projects?
  • Why NEAR Contract Development with Rust?
  1. Create Near Wallet & Happy Day
  • Create Near wallet
  • Catch your Near Coins

Further details will be discussed via meeting with Education / Marketing and Development DAO community.
Hasan Özkul (Master Expert Blockchain developer at Turkcell) @hexablock will be the representator of the event.

Total budget: 7500$ + student near coin distribution
(Rewards for participation for the students will be in $NEAR
~ 1 $Near / student is not included in the budget as it depends on the amount of student participation)

Wallet: turkey.sputnikdao.near

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Course Date and Content Updated

1: Getting Started to Near

  • Course Introduction
  • What is Near Protocol? - explained with examples from praxis (battery, car)
  • Creating Near Account (Mainnet & Testnet)
  • Setting Up the Development Environment

2: Contract Development Phase

  • Creating a repository
  • Creating a simple game contract
  • Writing a unit test for the contract
  • Test & Compile
  • Deploy the contract
  • Invoking the methods of the contract
  • Catch Near Coins to deploy your contract