[ ANNOUCEMENT ] Near Türkiye Hackathon Teams

I am happy to annouce Near Türkiye Hackathon Teams.

As Near Türkiye Community, we are planning to build hackathon teams… For this purpose, we organized NCD Course. After NCD, we became part of the Rust Türkiye organization for the MetaBuild IV.

As Near Türkiye Hackathon Team, we have started working to join MetaBuild IV.

What we will do? and What we did?

  • Team members learned how to building a contract on Near Protocol.
  • Now, It’s time to deeply learn Rust programming language. Rust Türkiye team organize a Rust programming language course. This course level is beginner to advise. It takes 8 weeks. (Rust Türkiye Course Form)
    After course team member will join ETHGlobal Istanbul Hackathon.

Near Türkiye community and ÜsküBlockchain community will work together.
About ÜsküBlockchain community:

  • Üsküdar University Blockchain Community was established on November 1, the day Bitcoin was announced. As Üsküdar University students, we established ÜsküBlockchain in order to have a say in blockchain technology and projects on the ecosystem and to contribute to innovation with the events and trainings we will organize. Since then, we have achieved degrees and victories in various software competitions-hackathons.

A few degrees of ÜsküBlockchain Community:

  1. At Istanbul Blockchain Week, GEAR Technologies Inc. They won the first place in the #Istanhack hackathon organized by the company.

  2. EnerjiSA hackathon 3rd place

  3. Intertech Metaverse Hackathon pre-qualified

I believe that this team will achieve great things in a few months.
Team members will introduce themselves in this post. (soon)


Thank you @jeph @andresdom @Developer and @FritzWorm to help this goal


Wow, so nice! =) I am very glad to be helpful there for you fam. Big hug!