[REPORT] muti Guild August

Project Name: muti Guild August

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members:




Balance: current account balance: 7067.25 USD (in N; DAI & $mmj)

Astrodao: muti.sputnik-dao.near

August Proposal

Projects & Accountings:

We requested the funds end of August and have not received them yet.

The muti team has been out for the last days in August and the Marketing funds have been denied from the Marketing DAO, so some numbers will naturally grow more slowly from now on.

As there are some items that had to be paid to avoid an increased price and some projects had to start regardless, I’m just sending a list here so you know the progress of the DAO. The values for the things we have paid have been taken from the muti buffer in the DAO, as we assume we will receive the August funds eventually (as it has been approved). Most of the projects for July are recurring projects or “admin fees”, so it was possible to start them regardless.


  • NFT Fair / 250 USD: 47N /200 USD spent on community NFTs, bought through Astro DAO; 50 nDAI to be used for the visual identity which will be developed in the next weeks
  • NEARCON ticket / 68N has been requested by @falmon to assure that tickets will still be available

Still to be paid out/Kept in the DAO:

From August:

  • muti sessions with CUDO DAO / 600 USD (Next 2 artists are already contacted, shooting will happen end of Sept/ beginning of October); we will combine the July budget with this one to be able to shoot both sessions in one day
  • Artist Stipends / 600 USD - Open call is rolling until 30.8. This gives time for the payouts and we hope until then we have received the funds.
  • Gear for Self-Sustainability 2 / 898 USD - kept in DAO until the value for next item has been reached
  • Set up of association 816 USD - Association and bank account has been set up and has been paid by us. Will be reimbursed once funding comes in.
  • WOMEX ticket yet to be paid once funding comes in
  • Council matters / 1024 USD

From previous months due to delays/postponed gigs





DAO stats: https://daostats.io/astro/flow/muti.sputnik-dao.near