[REPORT] muti Guild June

Project Name: muti Guild June

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members:




Balance: current account balance: 10,060.27 USD (in N; DAI & $mmj)

Astrodao: muti.sputnik-dao.near

Projects & Accountings:


Still to be paid out/Kept in the DAO:

  • Cudo x muti sessions: Each 150 USD to be paid out after mastering of the sessions & for the roteiro

  • LFC Loop Beatmaker competition 400 USD to be paid out after the first round of winners has been announced

  • Musical Short Film: 500 USD once the project progress has been shown

  • Booking assistant 100 USD - will be paid out after the report

  • Collaboration Echo Sound Festival: Due to delay from their side onboarding & first payment should happen next week: 500 USD

  • Estufada artistica: 200 USD still to be paid out for muti bazaar and one artists which will request

  • Gear for Self-Sustainability: After revisiting the options we decided to use a part of the budget to acquire a stable sound system, CDJs as well as a projector & lightning rig which will help us run events without additional transport costs and rental fees. It will also allow us to rent the gear and get some income for the DAO/collective. We will therefore save up a bit more budget until we are able to buy the gear.The funds will stay in the DAO until then.

From previous months due to delays/postponed gigs



Through muti sessions with Cudo:






One wallet address awaiting from Echo Sound Festival Crew


We have received a refresh of our visual identity which has been revealed yesterday. We also got NEARcribs for the DAO to support other NEAR projects and are very happy that we have been able to support an artist directly through a stipend. The Beatmaker competition is also running well and we’re looking forward to the next months of competitions in collaboration with Lo-Fi Clouds.

Our ongoing collaboration with Cudo DAO has been traveling to Brasil, the next videos will be out soon and we got around 1.5k views on them on youtube. You can check out our previous works here:

And after months of planning our Estufada Artistica Event had to change location, to the river beach in Sertã, Portugal. We already sold 4 NFT tickets (+ 3 from our previous event) and 2 redeemables and had an amazing response from the public. And our second Medium article by @gabrielaabreu is out here and will be promoted this week .

For more questions join our TG :slight_smile: