[REPORT] muti DAO September & October

Project Name: muti Guild September / October

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members:




Balance: current account balance: 15,122.61USD (in N; DAI, USDC & $mmj)

Astrodao: muti.sputnik-dao.near

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Hello all,

Here is an overview of all things muti from the last 2 months. As funding had paused and not all of the following points are funding-related, you’ll get a list of achievements & future plans.

The last 2 months have been productive and also showed us the value that a creative bridge between web2 and web3 has.

Overview of the last 2 months of activities:

  • We shot & created more muti sessions with CUDO DAO; all participants have been onboarded into NEAR & NEAR shared it via their IG. You can find all sessions here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa_IPRu0Or0OfafyIY84S_f5G1YvliXIf
  • First physical NFT exhibition in collaboration with LENS DAO & showcasing our muti bazaar with redeemables.
  • We went to the MUMI music conference in Galicia
  • We held a panel talk at WOMEX (World music expo) about blockchain and the web3 tools for creators and gave 2 mentoring sessions there. We showcased NEAR and its tools (Astro DAO, Mintbase, Tamago). There has been a big interest in the technology which is especially nice as the conference was not crypto-focused.
  • Presence at NEARCON, hacking with MarmaJ and being part of the DAO Haus Event by Kin DAO in Arroz Estúdios with our mutibazaar, where we have sold several physical NFTs <3
  • muti was able to buy equipment (CDJs) that can now be rented and used at events
  • muti received support from DAOcubator which will help us to keep on developing projects
  • Our newest 2 stipend artists are onboarded and the next open call will open soon; previous testimonies can be found here:https://muticollective.org/articles/
  • muti is now officially part of the Marma J DAO as an advisor and we are supporting the planning of the MarmaJcon. In the scope of this collaboration, muti contributes with blog artists, social media support, and defi educational posts as well as hands-on participation at MarmaJcon
  • Summary of our NFTropolis event with Incubadora, Cudo DAO, 5SSP & Garden Collective
  • Booking agency: we received new contacts and are planning the next steps forward; we have been invited to curate a space in Lisbon but due to staff change in the location this will not happen in this month.
  • Our NEARhub has been used for an online Stream from Criatura&Beri DAO
  • We increased our on-chain community by including our visual artists which have voting power and will soon invite more community members.

Next steps:

  • Looking forward to the physical workshop with Incubadora DAO on the 5th of November (Introduction of web3 to artists & creators) where we will introduce NEAR and its NFTs to local artists, creators, and curators.
  • Panel talk on the 12th of November organized by Jazz DAO.
  • The next muti sessions with CUDO are currently being planned.
  • Open Call for artists will launch soon.
  • Increasing the on-chain community














  • Collaborated with 10 other DAOs
  • Platforms used: ref.finance, Astro DAO, Mintbase, Tamago, Paras, NEARhub, NEARdrops
  • Showcasing N on 2 non-N related conferences
  • DAO stats: DAO Stats