[REPORT] MUTHA NearFTrans April

Project NearFTrans


@mutha Store created 6.5N: MUTHA on Mintbase

Balance wallet: approximately 8.5N (less add minters administrative costs) swapped in DAI and USN for currency security. Waiting for the onboarding organization, and list of artists and works to start mint.

Onboarding 1N each:

Bounty 200USD ~ N:

Marketing 200USD ~ N:

In general, the month of April revolved around welcoming the MUTHA work team, organizing the store, engage the artists of the collection, produce the bounty live and establishing the onboarding rules, considering that, as expected, some artists are interested in creating their wallets and managing their profiles autonomously, while others prefer that the museum itself does it for them. For May we have to approve the onboarding (previously agreed terms with Maria in a new topic soon)
and start the process until the collection of the Transespecie and Transjardinagem exhibitions can be organized, minted and listed. The progress of actions was reported up to date in the original threads linked above.

We are starting a journey that we hope will be long and prosperous and we have already studied the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčturning MUTHA into a DAO in light of this month‚Äôs demand and the need to organize fair rewards who has been dedicated to the project.

Thanks again for the opportunity. All community support is very important to us.

Let’s go Mutha!

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love love love :slight_smile: really nice

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