MUTHA News (L is out)

Good morning, good afternoon, good night community. I come through this topic to pass on @mutha’s contacts and announce to everyone that my time with this magnificent project has come to an end (at least for a while).

I managed to bring in to Near/Mintbase @ianhabib e @dddpxc, we did plans, an onboarding with more than 50 people involved, we taught, we learned, we created a new communication space for the Museum on Discord with almost 200 people coming from other protocols and who have never heard of nft and according to the progress of things (both the MUTHA demands in the real life and the latest happenings on rules for New DAOs and incentives here) we decided to take a break.

So from now on you can search for Mutha directly with Ian and Denu. All museum channels are in the proposal [INTRODUCTION] [approved] MUTHA Museu Transgênero de História e Arte

I need to thank you ALL @mutha @marianeu and @Mintbase for trusting the idea and financing the beginning of everything. The store is beautiful and I suggest that everyone stop by when wanting to collect art with meaning and significance. The works purchased there help the MUTHA Foundation to fund transgender projects.

I’ve learned a lot and I’m moving on around here, getting involved with the community as much as I can. Looking forward to a long and prosperous future for all of us.


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Hi L,

so sad to hear that you really gave up on this (for now I hope). I’ll let you know when I hear changes in the creativesDAO about new DAOs, right?

See you around


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Hi Maria, I’ve already seen that the new DAOs can be proposed and the MUTHA team is more or less aware of how to proceed from now on. I didn’t give up on the project, I’m just not part of it anymore as museum official Head of NFT. So, Ian and Denu are the contacts and will follow the ideas as long They can be X the real agendas of the museum.

They have control of the wallet/profile/store and access to onboarding documents in progress. And they can always count on my help.

But really, the timing got weird because we started exactly on the break of the two months in the community and from now on everything will need to be reorganized.

At the moment I have other priorities too and in the name of my mental health I had to take a break.


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I wanted to say that I’m happy to see artists who entered the MUTHA onboarding appearing in other Nearverse initiatives like the Incubadora open call and the Near Protocol Brasil artist of the week, makes me feel full that I passed on knowledge. I also want to take advantage here and leave the profile of Casa Naobin which is a project that I’m helping to raise funds, we have 2 NFTs available for those who want to buy at the MUTHA store, and if someone want to donate some ART, Just let me know.



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