[APPROVED] MotionDAOJune 2022: Fractals of Embodied Care

Weekly Meeting June 6th 2022

To me, the title of artist said nothing about one’s medium, message or format. It spoke instead of a certain type of wideness, a flexible approach to considering the world
Mimi Onuoha


June 2021 is planned as a deepening and continuity of the investigation on how art creation is a manifestation of embodied care in many level and dimensions of practice with questions about the commons, regeneration, climate change, embodiment and interactive multimedia, digital bodies, speculative futures where the where economy is beyond commodification. MotionDAO manifests the complexity of having this kinds of bodies: embedded, enmeshed, extended.
We are creating generative contexts that manifest sacredness, celebration, community, research rigor and joy.
Onboarding to the Near Ecosystem will ripple in Colombia, Argentina, USA, Canada, Germany, Brazil. It is difficult to map the impact of MotionDAO within specific national borders.
MotionDAO is consolidating and fostering blockchain education, development (coding knowledge) and collaborative practices. Near facilitates the synergies.
We are preparing for the summer/winter with online. courses in Spanish, software environments that invite movement, weekly somatic and meditation sessions, installations and workshops.
We will continue interDAO projects with Muti, MarmaJ (Defi4DAOs), Arroz(MotionDAO residency) and Incubadora.

Request for MotionDAO EDU, Admin:

Soft Spaces

It is series of classic video processing algorithms that uses the webcam input as a source and the browser as performance space; it helps us to rediscover the affordances of movement and perception augmented by computational systems and strategies. The space of the frame is choreographed and remapped in coupling with user/performer. Soft Spaces represent the cognitive continuity of software, interface and embodiment. They are invitations to create and compose.

Link to project post


MotionDAO@Documenta 2022

![Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 9.05.52 AM|690x409]
MotionDAO is collaborating with People Doing Moves (Germany) to deploy a MotionDAO/Near Hub at Documenta in Kassel Germany offering workshops, performances and lectures by visiting MotionDAO members and Documenta participants.
Link to project post

Argentina Node

In June InTAD and its partners go to do this course: Virtual workshop “Creative Programming for Dance on the Web.3” (May-June 2022)

Link to project post



Code as common

Code as Commons proposes an activation and reactualization of the idea of commoning through experiences based in code and a common implication-participation AC_School-documenta fifteen.

Link to project post

Request: $400 USD

XR3DNYhub (New York)

Will continue building 3d assets (avatars, props, environments) for the coming production of VR piece Rapid Transit. Prepare presentation about the intersection of Dance Movement and computer animation.

Soooooo we are ramping up for the summer and we took a little left turn to think (and do something) about that thing called the metaverse AKA “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius” AKA “La vida es sueño” AKA “The Matrix”. And the first step to make the right left is to focus on ourselves… Being/living/existing inside this dream that can be seen as a nightmare , depending on the POV is always a narcissistic move, and we don’t care! We are now making motionDAO avatars that will live in this world and eventually execute the dope moves to conquer (inhabit?) this elusive land, and when we say conquer we say it angry, we say it like it is our turn, we say it like we have been waiting long enough!!! and we will do it dancing like a motherfuck!!! and no we will not call ourselves colonizadores, we are CREADORES.

Oh and lets not forget that the developments ARE animated, motion captured and tracked, there is nowhere to hide.

Request: 400$

Coburg Germany

As a continuation of the actions performed in May in Coburg we will develop in June and July a series of weekly workshops to understand Blockchain, web.3, introducing near protocol and minting possibilities in mintbase.

We are counting on a minimum of 15 participants.

Each will create a near wallet and learn how to surf the near protocol ecosystem.

A collaboration of Z.C.D. and ModtionDAO edu.


This will be the seed impulse for the creation of the Coburg Hub.

Request $400 USD

bruxa4s DAO/hub

bruxa4s hub is a group of four Latine/Indigenous interdisciplinary dance artists who have been engaged in collaborative work and knowledge generation since 2015. Members are Paola Escobar (Columbia/California), Damaris Ferrer (Puerto Rico/NY/Miami), Niurca Marquez (Cuba/Miami), and Amber Ortega (Texas). Recent and ongoing work of members include the following:

Damaris Ferrer’s The Crossings- a self-generative, global, ritual event which was initiated in 2020 and is ongoing.

Web page https://www.dfmovementworks.com/moving-now-the-crossings

Article http://artsandculturetx.com/texas-lens-leading-the-crossings-in-san-antonio/

Paolo Escobar’s ecological Investigations for sustainable living and art practices. Her film, Housekeeper, will be screened at the Riff Festival in Norway. Housekeeper knits memories of her home in Columbia with her home in an Airstream in California.

Website https://www.borderlinemovement.com/

Niurca Marquez designs and teaches courses for the Honors College and Religious Studies Department at Florida International University, she is a performer with the Pioneer Winter Collective. She is currently engaged in ongoing work with “Casa-Cuerpa” a performance research project investigating the Latine embodied experience.

Website https://www.niurcamarquez.com/

Amber Ortega currently is engaged in designing sessions that utilize dance and somatic knowledge for healing through comunal practice and ritual. Ortega is organizing the Embodied Writing sessions along with Lauren Tietz.

Website FleshingMovement: Home

bruxa4s Projects:

Embodied Writing

While there may be differing ideas of what embodied writing can be, for this project, embodied writing is rooted in a practice of methodically locating sensory information and memory of the body and allowing for that embodied information and knowledge to inform, shape, and guide the writing process. These sessions will be held monthly or bi-monthly with rotating facilitators. Each facilitator is of a dance and somatic background and has experience working with a form of embodied writing practice.

The goal of these sessions is to open up a space where dancers and somatic movers can share process, communal writing space, and text work without a focus on editing, linear thinking, and traditional publishing. We seek to build community and an identity as dancer-writers. We do have a goal of publishing some or all of the writings in the form of text as NFT, sound text as NFT, and image text as NFT. The NFT format and utility, for us, provides the affordances of record, documentation, aesthetic experimentation, and interdisciplinarity.

Sessions will be held via ZOOM central standard time.

I am including images from a pre-pandemic embodied writing workshop, organized in San Antonio, TX. Nuirca Marquez (Cuba/Miami,FL), bruxa4s member, led a weekend workshop for actors, dancers, and writers to engage and experience her embodied writing practice, The Body Writes: eye-body entanglements.


July, two week residency in Cayey, Puerto Rico. This residency will be the first opportunity for las bruxa4s to be together in the same place at the same time. Objectives of the residency are to construct a framework for archiving epistemology, methodologies of practice(s), language, and concepts. Topics and practices include some of the following; mother-work and knowledge within the choreographic practice of living, defining kinship in a post-pandemic world, dance as knowledge, reclaiming indigenous knowledge within somatic practices, performance and the Latine embodied experience, curanderismo and embodied knowledge, diverting the gaze from the center to the margins as a practice for critical thinking. The goal is for the residency to be yearly and be able to open internationally to female-identified persons of color.

Not Or But Also Podcast

Not Or But Also is a podcast which will cultivate conversation on the phenomena of being present in more than one place at the same time. This simultaneous present-ness is the experience of many who live and thrive within the margins, including queer people and people of color. Simultaneity is also necessary for interdisciplinary work and thought; this podcast will initiate conversations between and amongst diverse persons, theoretical models, schools of thought, and practice. Some identified intersections of thought and identity are; gardening + plant knowledge + weave of ancestral traditions, interactive movement or task scores for listeners, education + mother knowledge + decolonial futures, testimonios as a place of knowledge gathering, psychology + dance knowledge, colonialism + indigenous gender identities + shamanic sex healing, epistomology of paper tearing + choreographic practice + ancestor communication, and many more.

June Goals:

  • Create 5-10 Near Wallets
  • Organize and facilitate Embodied Writing Sessions monthly or bi-monthly
  • Archiving Embodied Writing conversation points and knowledge bank
  • Audio editing for podcast
  • Residency planning

Request: $400



NFTs and The Sacred

We Were One 1 - spiritual dance project (work in progress research)

mainly focus on research in spirituality, rituals, somatic embodiment in dance, connecting with dance technology and the bigger picture/cosmology…

"We Were One” is a dance research project focused on the intersections of movement art, spirituality, technology and queerness. By utilizing ancestral rituals, energy practice, shamanic channeling and somatic-sensation research we are able to access a deeper understanding of human connections and potentials. It is a story that encourages us to look into our own wisdom, from our subtle body, compassionate ancestors, teachers and our higher mind. This is a way to deal with the inevitable trauma from the past, to acknowledge and heal our interconnections with all existence.

Request: 400



“This is an NFT” / Human Beings Are Plants Like Others (Interactive performance)

part of VALUE(S) OF SOLAR program

Paris DEB-HUB invites Motion DAO to Jeanne’s artist in residence at BCG Paris:

A collab between Mariana Forest Stillness and Protected Area for Darkness Conservation, thanks to Sebnem/Solar crypto.

Renewable/solar energy = low emission = low intensity light =stillness = tranquility =

healthy life = fight stress and anxiety of today’s work and life

Campaign NEAR wallets, using Coburg experience - Creation of wallets for BCG employees

Performance date : June 27, 2022, another Paris performance will be set up in an art space in July


  • Meeting with Ministry of Culture & Fondation Cartier

Request: 500


June proposal & activities:

Onboarding and NFT workshop
in collaboration with GIPE/CORPO (CNPq/IHAC-Federal University of Bahia)

2 hours workshop - 15 participants (max)

Workshop budget items:

  • new wallets funding and neardrop setup - $50
  • POAP NFT certificates creation and management - $50
  • instructors fee - $300 ($150 x2)
  • translation of didactic materials - $50
  • creation and management of bounties / practical exercises - $50

Total: $500 USD

Here is the total request:

MotionDAO Admin/Edu: $1000 unstablelandscape.near @marlonbarriossolano
Soft Spaces: 400 unstablelandscape.near @marlonbarriossolano
Documenta: 400 peopledoingmoves.near
Argentina: 400 anzorrilla.near
Colombia: 400 platoboss.near
New York: 400 catalejo.near
Germany: 400 aznarrak.near
Brux4s: 400 spareworks.near
Canada: 400 chimerik.near
Paris: 400 jeanneb.near
Brazil: 400 tatirosa.near

Total Requested: $5000

Artists bring criticality to environments that otherwise are vulnerable to the Achilles’ heel of nerd culture: techno-optimism and technophilic enthusiasm.
Michael Naimark

Thank you!


Hello Motion DAO! Your proposal looks wonderful and we are happy to approve, but first we would like to request that you please help us stay organized and create separate posts for each specific project within this proposal and then link them within this overall June funding request. You can look at majority of other proposals within the forum that are doing this for examples. Thank you so much!

Hello Adrian, thank you!
Are are you sure that that is better organized?
Let me know.
I can do that for the next one. I have been doing the proposals this way since September 2021.
Ok, so, I guess you are asking me to parse the proposal in 9 posts? and then make links to each. correct?
Should the posts be made by me or by each one of the members?
Question: what tags should the project posts have?

Hey there! Yes this allows community to engage with specific projects posted and allows the overall proposal to stay organized for moderators to clearly understand and keep consistency with other proposals. We’re happy to approve this month but if you could make these changes in the meantime and continue forward with that outline that’d be great!

This proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization


Thank you Adrian. Ok, thank you! I will do that when I get better connection.
Thank you for the suggestion.

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It can indeed be nice for all the hubs and projects to get their own thread, I like it that it creates a web of sorts… a MotionDAO rhizome on the forum here <3

Looking forward to trying out this new format from next month on.

I’ll start by posting some of the projects planned for MotionDAO Edu and use the #creatives:motion-dao tag :+1:


This month in Platohedron there has been progress in the articulation with other groups in the city with whom we have been preparing #TOKENOMENO A series of activities between June and October of this year.
Bloque 79, Casa_3B, NFT Latam, ENEFTY, parque Explora, casa Marte 247

The previous work for Documeta fifteen in Kassel this year, the contents of the different activities and a series of meetings with organizations from the Arts collaboratory network.


Experimentation with MIDJOURNEY BOT, for the creation of digital pieces using artificial intelligence. Some of these pieces have been minted as NFTs on the base and native Mint platform. (we payed for suscription for @noisek8)


This month’s meetings have focused on training some people from the Platohedro team and some beneficiaries of the organization’s D-training processes.
They have a wallets and started to explore the NEAR ecosystem.
Also we haved visited for NEAR Hispano, When we have a good conversatión and they know better about platohedro

For the end of june, we’ll have a exhibition of Let’s go to NEAR , the workshop that I am doing in Teacher in Residency

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Hello CreativesDAO friends. The following comments have the project reports from MotionDAO June 2022. We are presenting all June 2022 report as comments to this approved proposal from June 2022. These is one our decentralization strategies. I am leading the guild and all the members that have received funding in June 2022 have posted directly their progress and process.
I am so glad that this way we can see autonomy, agency and attempting to not recreate traditional ways of organizing and management.
The following link is to the of my process with the admin of MotionDAO generative coding, movement interfaces and the attempts to create a synergy with activities that will coalesce in an un-conference (self-organizing event) in Kassel Germany in August 2022. We have created a MotionDAO/Near at Documenta.

Thank you!!


Update for brux4s hub, June 2022:

We have been engaged in Embodied Writing Sessions and preparing for the Brujula residency in Cayey, PR.

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REPORT Platohedro June 2022