[REPORT] September MotionDAO Flow Non-stop: complexity and emergent patterns

Interdisciplinary Buddha
The Buddha by different artists: Basquiat, Haring, in Blade Runner and Jim Henson (creator of the Muppets). Images created by Open AI https://creator.nightcafe.studio/

This month I have jumped in to the river of improvisational practice at TicTac Art Centre in Brussels and trying to flow; allow my self to be taken by the currents of multilayered forces of embodied awareness, movement and creativity.

Live App here:

I have been teaching meditation every morning from 8:30 to 9:30, offering one on one sessions of consultation and mentorship about my research and practices.

From this very strong embodied focus, I have been approaching my trans-disciplinary practice with flow: envisioning, leading and sharing about MotionDAO, facilitating Mindfulness sessions, one hour a day of my movement practice and developing digital aesthetic artifacts…

The focus is the intersection of awareness, motion, embodiment, complexity and its relation with transactional flows in a community/social system.

Besides the actual sessions, the most important interaction and exchanges have been during lunch and social times.

I created a poster/showcase in a a hight traffic area of the center with information about MotionDAO/Near and used QR codes with links to the onboarding workshop and resources.

Meditation sessions at TicTac with dancers…

Improvisation Intensive with more than 50 dancers from all over the world.

Lunch times…when sunny

MotionDAO stickers with active link to wallet creation and receiving NFT

Board with projects informations and stickers.

Monday session with MotionDAO and an NFT created as Proof of Attendance to the session of September 5th (my 59th birthday). Thank you Sammy!!

Amazing conversations in AI and Arts, on NFTs, on alternative economies, on how value emerges…

My work as a creative coder has been energized by the closeness to improvisation exploring expressive ways to deploy in software some of the notions, intensities, patterns and relationships that i observe and experience.
I have created a collection that I think reflects several aspects of my experience here:
Fluir Sin Parar | flow non-stop
Improvisational Scores as Generative Software

I created generative pieces for the browser exploring the intersection of contemplative awareness in stillness, extreme physicality of the dance practice, the dynamism of improvisation and realtime composition, color palettes (TicTac is a very place full of color) and a very direct exploration of the relation of music and movement.

Live app here
TicTac Logo Flocking

Live App here:

Live App here:

See the page with the collection that will keep growing until the ned of the residency October 7th 2022.

I am also very happy that my piece Canonical (Soft Space 01) was exhibited in the ArtShowcase of NearCon in Lisbon in September. These at videos take by Jeanne Bloch, a MotionDAO member who was a speaker at the conference.

You can purchase as an NFT here:

I have felt that the support of the CreativesDAO has helped me to hold the complexity of my interdisciplinary practice and try to understand the potential of the new economic affordances of the blockchain space as part of the creative process. I am very grateful for that.

Important Notes:
1.-in September MotionDAO also decided to support another year of payments of the hosting platforms of the two networks that created the grounds of MotionDAO.

2.-Due that I am still recovering from Covid (long Covid) I have decided to postpone my adventures with the JS SDK for October and December.

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