[Report] MotionDAO July 2022: Hub Brez’n, ForestStillness and GrowingForest in Lisbon, Coburg, Paris

July was a very hot and dry month in Europe.

It burned in many places, also on the rails, where my train was due to pass on its way to Paris.

So I didn’t arrive in Paris, but “Growing Forest”, as digital work traveled in another way which didn’t burn: block-chain.

Anyway, things were possible thanks to collaboration.

July 1:

“Growing Forest” showcased at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, inside the framework of an exhibition called Value(s) of Solar, sponsored by Younergy Crypto by @solsista and in Programm together with the Sun performance by @JeanneB

July 7:
In Coburg once again “Forest Stillness” site-installation for the public event Opening Kühlhalle.


In collaboration with Z.C.D. I developed a NFT Campaign in Satori Studio for this event.
The campaign consists of giving a free NFT related to the site-presentation of “Forest Stillness”. In this way, the visitors will be able to collect NFTs related to the performance of the installation in different locations

More than 30 NFTs claimed and 35 new near.wallets created. You could see the transactions amount here: forest-in-progress.snft.near


July 18 and 19:

In Paris showcased “Growing Forest” data visualization and ARts (Augmented Reality) inside the framework of Value(s) of Solar, in collaboration with Younergy Crypto by @solsista and Sun performance by @JeanneB

@solsista and @mcpoieses with “Grow a Forest data visualization” and ARt (Augmented Reality) from younergy Crypto

Accompanied by NFT campaign in NEAR ecosystem.