[Report] June 2022: Forest Stillness, Hub Brez'n and collaborations


In June all things come out differently from plan … it works also very nice:

New collaboration planned, Brez’n in motion, NFTs, MINTBASE and SATORI

In June, all things are different than planned.

We adjust our course, we upgrade our plans. We surf the proposals, the waves take us to Lisbon.

Shift date for the workshop initiative as a continuation of the NFT campaign performed in Coburg (result: 31 new portfolios created) as part of the Forest Stillness project and create with Satori Studio:

The new 5-day workshop program:

understand Blockchain, web.3, introduce NEAR protocol and minting possibilities in MINTBASE.

Linked to the TotalDigital event, by Z.C.D. - start-up center and co-working space in Coburg, a community of more than 150 active members.

We are expecting a minimum of 20 participants.

Workshops in collaboration with @ModtionDAO edu.

Growing Forest and Values of Sun sponsored by Younergy Crypto
Continued developing Forest Stillness project in collaboration with @solsista for Youdera Project to visualize user’s carbon credits.

Presentation in Lisbon with Sun Performance “this is a NFT” by @JeanneB and DEB.

**Meditations on self-governance of MotionDAO and MotinDAO Book **
Participation in discussions and exchanges on the organization of. MotionDAO.
talks with @lenara
Because of these fluctuations in the distribution of time and participation in the different initiatives, and to make it more transparent in the future, I propose to organize the incentives related to the projects.

Amazing new posts on Telegram Chat about this are saved for our book.
Collaboration with @aniara

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