[Proposal] September MotionDAO: Kernel Block7 adventure begin

target wallet: aznarrak.near
Total request to support my adventure and research inside Kernel Block7 $400 USD


This month on Friday 9. begins this Kernel adventure together with other MotionDAO members: Amber @spareworks , Victor @catalejo and Tatiana @tatirosa

Based on the collected experiences on the past exhibition and collaborations of Forest Stillness, Growing a Forest and Value(s) of Solar, with NFTs collections and wallets creations using SatoriCreatortStudio campaigns and minted NFTs in mintbase.io, and the develop of this idea inside the “space” created by MotionDAO, a “space for emergent beauty” as @lenara named ….

… I will re-think Forest Stillness concept now inside this other “space” of open collaboration adventure by Kernel Bolock7, focusing on the connection between stillness as avoidance and blockchain / growing forest and AI / stillness tracking app / connecting with openforestprotocol.org / greenforestfund.de

AI forest animation by @catalejo

It opens, the gate to the garden
with the docility of a page
that frequent devotion questions
and inside, my gaze
has no need to fix on objects

Jorge Luis Borges