[REPORT] MotionDAO 2022 Kernel Block 7

My Kernel Block 7 adventure has begun and it has been a lot of information and dialogue to participate in and sift through. Some key concepts that have stood out for me so far are the following;
One of the biggest takeaways from game theory is; the game is defines what the players do and we are each others environment
Most of my experience with game theory is within the constructs of dance composition and improvisatory forms; play generates possibilities as well as solutions to challenges and obstacles within the environment.

Those who have positively changed the world did so because they learned how to negotiate complexity, rather than impose their own will on things.
Negotiation is a big concept for myself and the craft of dance and dance making. We are always negotiating, behavior, response, feedback loops, choices, solutions, etc… I am eager to see how I can translate my understanding of negotiation into the universe of web3.

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