[Report] September MotionDAO - First weeks of Kernel Block7

Report of [PROPOSAL] KERNEL Block 7 September 22 as MotionDAO member

The first few weeks of Kernel ( Kernel Community | Kernel ) have been intensive, rewarding, challenging and fruitful.

The initial questions (“how to explore the web3 in an embodied way?”, “how to deepen the focus on relationships and not on the results in a web3 environment as intense as the Kernel?”, and @TheQueen question “what can we create if we remember that we are still people, lives and bodies?”) remain valid and active, but challenging as the Kernel Adventure progresses.

True to my research of Performative Onbording ( [PROPOSAL] KERNEL Block 7 September 22 as MotionDAO member ), I report the course of these weeks in terms of impressions, feelings and intuitions.

The initial flavor was of a happy extension of MotionDAO’s purposes: that exploring the possibilities of web3 can be grounded in complexity, non-linearity, valuing encounters and dialogues - rather than the seemingly more objective results - and the simultaneous sensibilities that emerge from an embodied approach.

On the other hand, the volume of information, of networking possibilities, and of the use of relationship and construction tools has grown exponentially. I felt at home in relation to all the knowledge of how to create less linear and less centralized ways of relating between people, but defeated in relation to the uses of technological and token tools. It has been clear since the beginning of my journey into web3 (i.e. MotionDAO and Near Protocol ) that these two fields have unprecedented conditions in which to relate to each other. What I am seeking to establish now is that the more I stand for embodied experience, aware of the time and resources allocated, the efforts, the body and the physical world, people before things, the more I will be able to seize this opportunity and collaborate with the collective construction of KernelB7.

So I take the words “resistance” and “sustainability” as the guiding words of the research so far and for the coming weeks.

I have circulated among several subject guilds, not having managed to define my belonging yet. I understand that this comes from the embodied approach that the field of dance, performance and the body bring to the world. I understand that making connections between issues, subjects and people can be a good task and a good project. As said before, in the beginning I felt at home in every meeting. Gradually I felt foolish, silly, and thought that the issues I hold dear were of less value. The next step was to reduce the daily contact a little, to allow a minimum time for my nervous system to digest all the information. I connected a lot when colleague @catalejo asked in a large meeting, “How do we bring all this into the real world?” Including the excluded (people, values and peoples) requires persistence, endurance and hard work.

It was then that spontaneous connections started to happen - as I listened with intention to a 21-year-old who has been “beaten by life many times” talking about his father’s terminal illness, or to a new mother who struggled not to have the same time available as her colleagues to develop her work, or to my guide who has to take care of his daughter and his father - just like me, but in my case it is my mother -, or to songs exchanged in a conversation that brought me joy and new ideas. This same guy invited me to a conversation to prospect a possible partnership with his DAO about Integral Health Care Systems. There was a promising elaboration of knowledge in a discussion about Education.

I realize that the Kernel is quite committed to valuing what MotionDAO and myself are trying to stand for. We need to make these practices visible, and I understand that this is what this institution does, what our DAO does, and what I have to do individually.

And why “sustainability” as a key word? Because the feeling that this whole task is too big, curating Kernel Block 7 and interweaving everything that comes out of that, resisting and standing for, everything has been too big. The way is to back up and breathe. That is my translation of sustainability for this moment. It was by taking the time to make the space between breathing out and the emergence of the breathing in that I was able to start coordinating what I should write here, what made sense to write here, what is really happening in my Adventure.

It all seems so personal, doesn’t it? But what serves people? What serves the sustenance of life and care in the moment we write and read? Mind the web3 is about that. Performative Onboarding is about that. It’s about validating what is not being seen as a concrete project, as i believe Kernel is about too, in some ways.

Oh, and there was that too:

Meeting with Vitalik Buterin on Merge day.