[Report] Monthly Telegram Official Report (April 2022)

Monthly Telegram Community (@cryptonear) Report April 2022

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We had a nice growth in our community channels for the month of April. Below Statistics state the same. Also we hosted over 9 AMAs (4 on Telegram and 5 on Discord) in April. And overall engagement in group was pretty great including huge amount of bots trying to get into group.
and there were over 8737 Bots Banned from accessing the group in April.

Below is the Overview of Statistics from 5 April to May 7:

  • Total Members 55.4K>>>>>57.5K

  • Total Posts 362.6K>>>>>433.7K

  • Viewing Members 6.8K>>>>>8.7K

  • Posting Members 768>>>>>1K

Overview of AMAs hosted by NEAR Concierge Team for this Time Period:

  • Discord AMA with NEAR Future [April 8]

  • Telegram AMA with BlueBit Finance [April 14]
    Announcement | Winners

  • Telegram AMA with Rubic Exchange [April 19]

  • Discord AMA with UniqArt NFT Marketplace [April 19]

  • Telegram AMA with Flux Protocol [April 25]
    Announcement | Winners

  • Telegram AMA with LiNEAR [April 27]
    Announcement | Winners

  • Discord AMA with Fayyr [April 27]

  • Discord AMA with Picipo [May 2]

  • Discord AMA with NEAR P2P [May 6]

Overview of Community Events Organised by NEAR Concierge Team during this period.

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