[REPORT] Monthly Telegram Official Report (May 2022)

Monthly Telegram Community (@cryptonear) Report May 2022

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We hosted 9 AMAs in the month of May and 7 Community Campaigns were held each week and had a overall growth in members on Telegram for the month of May :wink: Checkout the stats below:

Overview of Statistics from May 1-30:

Total Members 57.5K>>>>>57.6K

Total Posts 433.7K>>>>>467K

Viewing Members 10K>>>>>9K

Posting Members 1K>>>>>1K

Overview of AMAs hosted by NEAR Concierge Team during this period:

Overview of Community Events Organised by NEAR Concierge Team during this period.

And a new addition

  • NEAR Forever Together : We’re giving away 3 $NEAR when you take a picture of yourself with your friends, families, or even strangers with the NEAR logo within the picture or background!
    :moneybag: Prize: 3 $NEAR per winner
    :medal_military: Number of winners: 10 winners per week
    Read HERE for complete mechanics ->[ Telegram: Contact @nearprotocolnews ]

And Feel free to ask your queries at @cryptonear

And Concierge Team would really appreciate if you take your time and FILL OUT THIS SURVEY FORM to help us to better serve you! We might send some REWARDS for filling this Form!


great work keep it up​:clap:


Thanks @Kv9990 for such a detailed report.


Community moderators keeping NEAR active and supportive 24x7 :love_you_gesture:t2:


thank you for the report Vikash!
as always Concierge and Channel Ops rocks :sunglasses:


Reliable, fastest and fairest team(the words not enough)

Thanks for the all efforts that you gave!

Keep up the great work :nerd_face: