[APPROVED] Team Lead Planting AIR June

Hi there, in the month of June I have spent 6 hours for the team lead sessions which include the weekly/bi-weekly meetings & 1h of preparation time.

I have onboarded and created wallets for 3 people as well as organised residency preparation meetings with the artists involved.

Project member: JulianaM (jmm.near)
Target: jmm.near
Working hours: 6
Requested N: 6 hours x 5N: 30N

wallets created in June (Arroz members):


requested N: 3 wallets x 3 N: 9 N

Total requested: 39 N

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Please edit your post adding the requested amount of N, considering that onboarding a person in June gets you 3N and that the hourly rate is 5N.

You can use this format:

[PROPOSAL] Team Lead X Team

Project member:
Working hours: X
Requested N: Xhours x 5N

Description incl. mention of the created wallets:

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thanks Tabea! Done :smiley:

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Perfect, good to go!
Please use this forum link for your payout proposal :slight_smile:

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