[APPROVED] NEAR integration to Arroz team structure by onboarding team leads <Phase 1>

Contact Name(s): @tabear
Guild: [Arroz Criativo] (Arroz Criativo - NEAR Forum)
Target Address: arrozcriativo.sputnikdao.near
Current Balance (NEAR): 35.1
Funding Period: June 2021
Total requested amount: 210 NEAR

One of the Guild’s core goals is to support creatives in our physical space while entering the digital realm and also to promote the NEAR ecosystem by spreading the coin.

As we already have an active physical community, we would like to integrate the NEAR coin into our team structure by first rewarding the team leader positions of our core teams for their work, which previously has been done on a voluntary basis, and also to educate them in terms of the NEAR ecosystem and the use of the coin.

This phase includes onboarding and creating near wallets for all our team leaders as well as giving them the needed documentation to onboard their team members in the next step. The goal is to also create an application for an easy payment system of NEAR in our venue so that the coin will be actively used.

We have already onboarded some team leads and will onboard the remaining ones this week.

The process will happen in the current month of June and our association is organized in the following teams:

  • Team leader Sync [7 team leaders, 1 meeting/month]
  • Events Team [Syncs between all events staff, 1 meeting/month]
  • Programming Team [Team of 4 handling the programming of music events & exhibitions in the venue / galleries, 1 meeting/month]
  • Communications Team [Meetings between the graphic design, social media & wider comms staff, 2 meetings/month]
  • New Spaces Team [Meetings between a team of 5 looking for our next location, 4 meetings/month]
  • Accounting Team [Team of 4 monitoring the assc accounts, 1 meetings/month]
  • Fundraising [Meetings looking for fundraising opportunities from national and international institutions, 2 meetings/month]
  • Crypto Integration Team [Developing the presence of the association in the decentralised finance sphere, 4 meetings/month]

In summary we have 7 different teams & teamleaders.

We therefore would like to request 140 N for the time used for the team meetings (1h/meeting) as well as another 70N for onboarding the different team leaders.


Thanks for this @tabear! Is this the only project proposal the Arroz Criativo Guild has passed through and requires funding for in the month of June?

If NO, and you are expecting or have already approved on the Guild end other proposals, please assemble all of your Guild’s proposals in one funding request post to us (linking to these other proposals) all at once for the whole month of June. As mentioned in the Creatives DAO Guide, we’re accepting proposals from the creative DAOs and Guilds on a monthly basis for either ongoing or new projects.

If YES, and this is the only proposal the Guild has voted through and expects to vote through for the month of June, this proposal is approved and you can proceed to the Creatives SputnikDAO to submit your payout proposal.


Also, for your next proposal submission to the Creatives DAO, please post with the subject line as [PROPOSAL]… with the proposal name. When it has been approved by the Creatives DAO, we will edit the title of the project post to reflect this with a note like this one for you to proceed to post a payout proposal on the SputnikDAO. It’s part of how we approve your proposal :wink:


Thank you Rebecca, I’ve sent an updated one and hope it is according to the rules now :slight_smile: