[APPROVED] Flyers + posters for Arroz Pride event

In order to onboard people and facilitate their interaction with us during Arroz PRIDE event, we are going to create:

  • 1 poster with Arroz Estúdios and Near logo A2
  • 1 poster offering free beer as a reward for onboarded people A2
  • flyers about Near x Arroz collaboration

I ask Arroz Criativo 25 N for this task:

  • 10 N: pay for printed materials
  • 15 N: design creation of posters + flyers

Nice one, that’ll help a lot in the educational process!

Go for it!

Please use this forum post for your proposal to the arrozcriativo dao :slight_smile:

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@JulianaM Hey there :slight_smile: Please post a small report as in photos of the materials that you have created so everyone can follow up :slight_smile:

Here you go :smiley:

Flyer.pdf (477.8 KB) Poster 1.pdf (152.0 KB) Poster 2.pdf (22.7 KB)

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Thank youuu, looks good! Happy to see that the event went well :slight_smile: