[CLOSED] LATAM is BOS | Creation of content about Blockchain Operating System



content creation in Spanish and promotion in LATAM about the new integrations of NEAR as BOS, NEAR Social and BOS


Last proposal :back:

in the past the Open Web Academy community has already designed and executed communication about NEAR in Spanish, from here you can see the previous results:

Summary :books:

Open Web Academy is an educational DAO (see DAO dashboard ) that runs Web 3 learning programs to teach people how to develop and launch decentralized projects; He develops IRL events to incorporate new web builders 3 and promotes the creation of enabling solutions in NEAR Protocol since the last 14 months.
Now the OWA wants to scale with the recruitment of NEAR enthusiasts and builders by creating educational content for the promotion and positioning of the new tools that are incorporated into the ecosystem such as the Blockchain Operating System (BOS) and initiatives such as NEAR DIGITAL COLLECTIVE (NDC). On few occasions, the core content of the blockchain is presented in a language that is easily accessible to LATAM, which is why we have suffered a lag regarding technology and a delay in adoption.

Our team includes:

  • Nicole Arreola : Professor of software development and dev relations
  • Alan Estrada : NEAR certified developer and co-founder of web 3.0 projects at NEAR.
  • Irving Cariño : Certified NEAR Analyst, NEAR Professor and Google Lv2 Professor.
  • +a select group of NEAR developers

OWA social networks.

Proposal :construction_worker_man::building_construction:

Generation of a series of valuable content with a duration of one month (from its approval) that will arouse the interest of new builders and enthusiasts of the NEAR Protocol and will show the benefits of the network through the following activities.

  • “NEARisNOW” - Short video series (max 5 minutes) about new new solutions in NEAR, trending dapps of the protocol, interaction in NEAR Social and use of BOS. 4 videos on Youtube

  • NEAR AMAs on Telegram with gifts: learning space to answer questions about the new technologies of NEAR Protocol on Telegram. 2 AMAs session on OWA’s Telegram Group

  • Blog post written about the Blockchain Operating System and its relationship with other chains. Each blog post will contain the necessary steps and details of how to use BOS in your day to day and its interaction with other networks. 3 entradas on Medium and OWA’s Blog

  • Building the Web 3 - Live construction session about NEAR, where the new technologies of the protocol are discussed theoretically and practically. 2 Lives construction session on Youtube

  • OWA Marketing: NEAR promotion with promotion coverage of the OWA community (Twitter (now x.com) + *Telegram) for NEAR content, writing, graphic design and content publishing. 1 month promotion

Value proposal. :star_struck:

  • Content 100% in Spanish for Latino communities
  • Content created by technical staff with experience in NEAR and with the support of digital marketing specialists.
  • Monitoring of stakeholders in collective development study groups.
  • In-depth research on trends in NEAR Protocol i-am-human.app

Target audiences :family:

Blockchain enthusiasts, users of other chains, Web 2.0 software developers, people with little technical background.

KPIs :dart:

+Posts on near social about content by active users and by new near users
+Reproductions on YouTube similar to those obtained in the past. See here
+Twitter reach from 25K to 30K impressions and up to 600 direct interactions (approximate according to our latest report).

Budget :coin:

Content Distribution channel Details Deliverable Amount USDC per month
“NEARisNOW” YouTube Field research for the selection of the theme, writing the script for the video, recording, editing and promoting the video on social networks 4 videos 1800
AMA’s Sessions Telegram Contact experts, builders and NEAR communities in Spanish to participate, organize the space and make the necessary invitation. Answer questions live, open new NEAR wallets and make use of NEAR social live 2 sessions 600
Blog post Medium Field research about BOS, downloadable examples, writing articles of approximately 2500 words, grammar and spelling check, promotion of the article on social networks. 3 articles per month 600
Building the Web 3 - Live building session on NEAR Youtube Drafting of the session agenda, creation of downloadable examples, live code development with a NEAR expert, bug fixes, creation of live clips and promotion of the content on social networks 2 lives session 2000
Marketing OWA - Promotion NEAR Twitter + Telegram Coordinate an entire marketing team that enables the creation and promotion of NEAR content Coverage of OWA promotion for NEAR contents, copy writting, graphic design and post of contents. 900
TOTAL 5900

:credit_card:Wallet for funding: open-web-academy.sputnik-dao.near


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Hi @irvingcong we have two proposals under review from you – this one and this event.

We request you propose ONE per review period. Which one do you prefer we focus on as we review this week?

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Please, which of the proposals do you want us to focus on and review? I saw that you submitted two proposals. [Proposal] Building days with BOS | Workshops + NEAR Social promotion series in Mexico

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We prefer that you can focus on the build days proposal.

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